Lalaloopsy Ponies!

Florence is a BIG fan of Lalaloopsy. At Lollibop last year it was hard to get her out of the Lalaloopsy tent and do anything else and when she was given one to bring home in the press tent she was beyond thrilled! She plays with her dolly all the time and I have to admit, unusual as it is, I rather like it too.

Lalaloopsy has just brought out a new range of toys, Silly Singers, Ponies and Baby Ponies. We were sent one of the ponies to review and Florence has been giving it the once over!


The Lalaloopsy Pony – Berry Candy!

‘From the magical merry-go-round in Lalaloopsy™ Land comes the Lalaloopsy™ Ponies, with their sweet jelly candy theme. The glittery ponies are great for creative hair play, and each one comes with a brush and accessory. Ponies in the range include Pineapple Candy, Grape Candy, Orange Candy and Berry Candy.  The Lalaloopsy™ Ponies are approximately 13 cm in height and priced at around £5.99.’

So, what does the expert think? Well, it’s pink, sparkly and has crazy hair to brush so what’s not to like? Florence was particularly keen on the hair actually which she said described as cut up elastic bands. She likes putting the clips in and out of the hair too so I think it gets the thumbs up from her!

Ponies (2)

Florence says the hair is good on the pony!

Ponies (1)

Playing with the pony!

For me I just have two little niggles, the box said the pony should smell of berries but it doesn’t and it’s VERY difficult to make the pony stand up. She will do it but it’s a bit like making a house with cards and doesn’t come easily or last for long.

We were sent the Lalaloopsy pony in return for an honest review.