Yellow Zebra Safaris!

Yellow Zebra Safaris wasn’t a company I had on my radar until I was invited to a little party in London to get to know them better. If I’m honest safaris in general let alone a holiday company specialising in the luxury versions of them was quite far from my mind. We have three small children, we wouldn’t take them on safari…

Would we?!

Erm… Actually the answer would have been no before the party but now it’s a big fat yes! Always the way when you don’t have the money I suppose but Yellow Zebra Safaris have given me a little dream and day dreaming is always worthwhile I feel. I spend a lot of time working out what I’d do with X amount of money on a lottery win (I take it from the modest to the ridiculous frequently) and now I’m definitely building in a Yellow Zebra Safari trip!

Partying it up with Yellow Zebra Safaris!

They are SO family friendly and know everything you need to when it comes to taking your little ones on the trip of a lifetime to see the big five! The best places to go (South Africa with little ones) and how to maximise your trip with a beach stay one end of it. They offer great advice and know how and it’s definitely given me that little bit of a bug…

Talking of bugs! While we were at the party we got to meet a few of them too. Mainly ones which were just about to be eaten by meerkats or lizards but then that of course meant we got to be hands on with the animals and as everyone who’s ever met Florence knows… She’s MAD on meerkats! Meeting Evil Steve and baby Bear was a dream come true for Florence and Safari Pete who introduced us to his ‘zoo safari’ was wonderful with the kids!

Meeting meerkats – a dream come true! Picture – Le Coin De Mel!

We had a BRILLIANT time and loved learning about safaris, the animals as well as partying with pals – great to catch up with Le Coin De Mel (thanks for the picture darl!) and Not Just A Mum Of Two as well as their kids!

So… If you’re talking family safari holidays then you need to talk to Yellow Zebra Safaris, they’re ace!