Dearest Raffie – You Are 7 Months Old!

Dearest Raffie,

7 months and you are such a little super star!

I can see you will be determined and gentle like your sister and cheeky and happy like your brother. Your personality gets more interesting every day and you are just so much happier now that you’ve mastered the art of rolling from your back onto your front! You can also sit unaided (mostly) and you are trying lots of foods. You seem to really like a puree if it’s sweetish and it’s a joy to watch you try new things.

This past month you have done all that extra physical development, seen the proper sun for the first time, celebrated Jimmy’s birthday at Legoland with him, been to your first messy play session, gone into a seat on the buggy and I think you are getting really cross with your gums – teeth are about to push through I know it!

You just make me happy little boy. I feel content when we are all together and you are at the heart of it all. We were just waiting for you Raffster and now you are here we are all the richer for it!

We changed your newborn set on the high order xanax online pharmacy chair for the baby set – the box was your main focus!
Siblings who eat together!
You can sit up for ages on your own!
Siblings who play together!
Look at you in your seat instead of the bassinet!
Love trying new food!
You’ve finally met the sunshine!
Which has prompted much outdoor fun including alfresco bathing!
And lying in the grass!
But as it’s England we do keep having to chop and change between a snow suit (here with my friend Ellie) and the sun rompers!
That’s you and me kid!
I’m not sure what you made of the pile of peas at messy play?!
More sunshine fun outside!
At Grandad’s!
Water play at Legoland!
You’ve mastered that roll!
And it’s making it tricky to get my baby lay shots but I’m still managing!
You thought the sand was pretty ace – just like your Mama!