Heard Of Campingaz?!

Heard Of Campingaz?!

We camp a lot in the fairer weather (I’m no Bear Grylls) and this summer we’re looking forward to lots of sunny weekends away by the cost in our Coleman tent. We got it last year and it has black out bedrooms which are PERFECT with children. I’ve never known Jimmy sleep so well or for so long as when he’s in this tent and the only thing which doesn’t make it perfect for us now is that perhaps it’s not QUITE as big as we need it to be now that we are a family of five. Obviously the baby, smallest member of the clan, takes up the most room as he needs lots of contraptions and gizmos so we might have to upgrade soon and if we do I’m definitely going to look to the new FastPitch air tents which look amazing and might even make it possible for me to take the kids camping on my own. I took the big kids solo a couple of times but it was such hard work putting up the tent single handed and I LOVE the idea of just being able to blow one up so watch this space!

Regardless of tents we can’t wait to go camping properly and use our new Campingaz Party Grill 600 Stove which is IMMENSE! In the past we’ve only had a very cheap and really, not very good, gas stove so we’ve been itching to get our hands on something more substantial for ages and have been trying this one out in our garden ever since it arrived. This is the camping ticket and you can cook just about everything on it! It has multiple ways of doing so at that, including a stove top, grill, griddle or a flat top grill and when you use the lid it can be turned into an oven meaning even pizza can be cooked while camping – no more feral trips for us, I’ve been cooking Hello fresh and Gousto recipes on it so there’s literally no excuse not to eat well while tenting it! I might even invest in a proper camping fridge

You can literally cook anything you want on it and we’ve been trying it out in the garden for BBQs (which it’s amazing for) and yesterday I cooked a Thai prawn curry on it. I literally took my Gousto box and recipe card into the garden and cooked it alfresco – no more slumming it on the camp site dining table for us (except our actual camping dining table is a bit wobbly so don’t worry, there’ll still be a slummy element to our trips for sure – isn’t that what camping is all about)?!

From BBQs!
Who doesn’t love a camping Barbie?!
To actually cooking a prawn curry… And rice!
Seriously this is such a smart cooker!

It runs off conveniently sized Campingaz cylinders (R907 or R904) and with a Piezo ignition for simple lighting, means this is quick to be ready for use wiith fuly adjustable power. What’s even better is that all the elements fit inside each other then clip together with a lid before popping in a handy carry bag. It’s TINY when in storage mode with its detachable legs even packing away into the main body. I LOVE this find for camping and can’t wait to start cooking some gourmet food on tour – never compromise on food after all!

All fits in a bag – legs too!
And the bag has handles to carry it away – how easy!

After all our ‘practice camping’ with the new wonder cooker the kids have been building dens in anticipation of a proper trip in the tent coming soon. They all love to build a den don’t they and they even want to sleep in it which I’m allowing occasionally for fun! They have been loving using our new PUSH LED LANTERN which will be brilliant in those blackout rooms of the tent. It takes chunky D batteries with a run time of up to 400 hours and because it has battery lock it means you can twist the bottom and disengage it from the batteries when it’s turned off – you might not have realised but otherwise it does continue to run the batteries down. It’s also is 2M impact resistant, water resistant, has a high, low or flashing beam and with its lifetime LED bulb it’s also shatterproof! It’s great fun for the kids in their den but it’s going to be invaluable on those night time trips to a camp site loo!

Big kids can’t wait for our first proper camping trip of the season and the baby is going to love it too – I just have to work out what he’s going to sleep in!




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  1. That looks brilliant, we are away camping at the minute. Our third camping trip already this year ?. We have a big camping cooker which is great for long camping trips but takes up too much space when we just want to pop away for the weekend. I love how small it folds up. I think the tent next door might have one so I might go and have a nosey later ? As for the Fast Pitch tents I can’t rave about them enough, we have the Coleman Valdes 6XL which is AMAZING. We had ours fully pitched within 20mins of arriving at the site yesterday x

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