Simply Swim!

Simply Swim is a company specialising in providing all the finest items you need for a family swim! If you follow me then you’ll know that we are big pool dwellers, HUGE in fact and as members of our local Holiday Inn Spirit Health Club we aim to go with the kids at least once a week while I tend to go at least another three times with my Mum. It’s the perfect exercise to have with a tiny baby as for the moment I take him during nap time and he snoozes on the side in his car seat and when he’s a bit bigger I shall take him in one of those rubber rings with seats so that I can push him as I swim. He seems very contented at the pool which is no surprise as I was there for so much of my pregnancy, it’s probably a noise that soothes him like womb music!

My boy is as happy snoozing on the side of a pool…
As he is in the water! Here he is wearing one of his brilliant costumes from Splash About which is a wrap (super easy to put on him) with a swim nappy in the same material – brilliant!

The big kids love to swim too and I taught them both by the age of three. Jimmy is the sort of chap who will lose his confidence quickly though and we end up going back steps if we don’t swim regularly so that’s just one other reason to keep going alongside the fact that it’s really great fun!

Us at Center Parcs earlier in the year!

It’s not just at the pool that we love to be in our cossies of course, we also are massive fans of the beach, our local being Cromer and this summer we all have some new pool, beach and water shoes to see us through the summer and beyond. Great for by the side of a pool and even more perfect for a stoney beach!

Mum and I have been trying out our Speedos by the pool – they’re going to be invaluable when we go on holiday later this year!

These are easy to get on and off and don’t hamper swimming in the slightest! The kids have similar Speedo Jellies which will protect their feet on the stones of the beach but which they have also been using in the garden while having a water fight. they are very grip tight on our slippy decking and will be brilliant for things like walking in streams in the summer!

Water bomb action assisted by the perfectly gripped footwear!
Never to be outdone!

And that just left Daddy in need of something pool worthy. He was resistant to a slider but I convinced him and now he’s a total convert! Says these ones are immense and he’s been wearing them not just for pool adventures but as slippers. Will I ever get him to take them off I wonder?!

Dad feet!

whether it’s playing in the garden, resting by the pool or swimming in protective shoes we have got it covered!

Back to those water fights and can I highly recommend Bunch O Balloons – they’re pricey but so EASY!