Yvette Sportswear!

Yvette Sportswear!

Sportswear is often difficult to buy on line as it really is something that needs to fit well. I’ve bought things from some shops in the past and the sizing names of “small”, “medium” and “large” etc. has been wildly strange in name to what actually arrives. You can be a small in almost all shops but in sportswear for some brands it’s a different story. I think the thing they need to do, and you need to bear in mind when ordering, is that labelling something as a size means nothing, what you actually need is measurements to guide you succinctly as to which size. It’s important to be held properly and looked after when playing sports so the right fit is key to assisting. In step Yvette who have such a great on-line sizing system my items fit me perfectly. I was sceptical because they never have worked with other brands but this one is spot on!

I was sent a Power Cross Back Padded Running Bra for both me and for Florence and while she chose a pair of the Echo Cropped Running Shorts (£28) to compliment hers, I went for the Sculpt High Pocket Running Leggings (£34) which come with a pocket on each leg.

Florence and I have been putting the clothing through its sporting paces with some running, conditioning and acrobatics on the common in our village. It goes without saying that when I exercise I do have to usually take the little ones along for the ride hence my jogging buggy – where there’s a will there’s a way and all that! Check out my Instagram reel!

The Yvette Sportswear is comfortable with the Yvette sports bra being supportive and they suit both Florence who is only 12, as well as suiting me. The Yvette high impact sports bra isn’t the only supportive item however, the leggings don’t half make your bum look lifted – a good look!

It’s also fashionable to compliment the practicality measures of which there are many, I especially love the cross back detailing on these tops. The material doesn’t dig in but it’s tight enough to make you feel well held while still offering that great aesthetic!

For me it’s a case of functionality meets fashionability all while maintaining ease for other areas such as those pockets which easily withstood holding my phone in their pocket despite kartwheeling my way through some exercise. I feel great in the outfit and it works for us!

The clothing is very well made and ordering, like I mentioned, is very easy with their calculator for sizing, which goes up to a 5XL so it’s very inclusive of body type. My orders came very quickly to boot – impressive!


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