Distinctive is the Word for 2022

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Distinctive is the Word for 2022

As 2022 rolls forward, the desire from homeowners to boost their home profile has seen them look into inexpensive solutions to make their homes look great.

After a tough start to the 2020s, people have had their budgets in mind when scouting the best options – and nowhere has seen a bigger interest than the market for luxury vinyl flooring. In truth, vinyl was popular before the 2020s but has become even more so now people are craving change within their homes without a drastic change to their finances.


The main focus of choosing vinyl is that it is the easiest product to keep clean no matter how many people are in the house.

The past year has seen many people stuck indoors and they have been witness to how quickly a floor can deteriorate when constantly walked on and not given regular cleans. With Distinctive vinyl flooring, you have a much more durable product that can withstand high amounts of foot traffic and simple cleaning with a sweep and mop regularly or fortnightly to have it look consistent week in and week out.

It’s great for those who have kids that like to test the floor through dropped food and spilt drinks due to it being highly stain-resistant and 100% waterproof.


Vinyl flooring is a finely replicated product that imitates everything from light to dark woods, as well as stone and slate designs among many others.

Whilst the real deal is a great want for any home, it is also cumbersome and expensive – especially to replace. Wood splinters and stone cracks with temperature changes and are always prone to rot with water damage, whereas Distinctive flooring offers every kind of protective measure from scratch resistance to thick wear layers to ensure that they should never need replacing.

Vinyl is a low-cost product compared to the real thing and telling it apart from the real thing is extremely hard. Many people wouldn’t know unless you told them.

Installation Cost Saving

Among the biggest savings of why people are turned on to luxury vinyl flooring is that you save on a variety of expensive areas.

The first is that you don’t need to have it fitted by a professional worker and pay out a by the hour rate. Vinyl flooring is considered a very easy product to self-install by following simple guidelines. If you use planks, you can simply click them together from one end of the room to the other, whereas gluing down tiles requires an easy to lay adhesive. The planks and tiles, such as dark grey vinyl flooring, can be cut to size by measuring your room and ordering them at measurements.

Distinctive is a growing choice for people wanting a lasting look for their home and will continue to grow in the coming year to become one of the lead brands on the market.