Zita West – Pregnancy and Postpartum!

Zita West Pregnancy and Postpartum!

I’m no stranger to pregnancy having had four children and I have both loved and hated being pregnant at various times. It’s a real strain at times and though we may love to waft about barefoot and at one with nature, it’s not always that easy. Your body may be designed to carry a baby but it can be very frustrating all the same. Your whole lifestyle changes of course and on top of that there’s the changes to your body. Women are more likely to gain moles and skin tags, we gain weight which after birth can be hard to shift and with the weight gain can come stretch marks. All natural of that we understand, but it doesn’t always make us feel our best. I have successfully managed to come away without stretch mark scars and while I attribute some of that to genetics, I do feel that always moisturising and looking after my skin, taking time to use creams and potions, has served me well.

I’ve been treated recently to some Zita West premium skin care which is designed specifically to supplement the care of fertility and beyond and I know, from experience, that the Beautiful Belly Balm (£24) is rich enough to be perfect for stretching skin which can itch and feel like it might burst. It’s not greasy which is so important as a lot of oils can ruin clothes because of their make up and I like how this one instead is absorbed into the skin where it’s meant to be, doing the job it’s intended for. Enriched with sweet almond oil, known for soothing properties to dry skin and having anti inflammatory effects, it has a lovely calming fragrance which is ever so slightly hinted at without powerfully over bearing you as some can – this is not an ideal in pregnancy and a gentle aroma is much more favourable. When you massage it into your skin you are not only helping your body to stretch without damage but the momtion will relax both you and your baby. And after baby is born this is one to use continually as the jojoba oil is there to help reduce scarring – I’m a firm believer in holistic therapy and the ingredients of this fit very nicely with the way I like to look after my skin.

A lovely cream with a little going a long way, yet oily and greasy feeling it is not!
It is substantial and soothing from the first use!

I’ve also been using the Restore and Renew Lavender Bath Therapy Oil (£25) which is, as the name suggests, a slice of therapy for postpartum aches and pains and beyond. Lavender will help you relax and enable you to sleep better ( though your baby may not it has to be said) so giving yourself the best possible chance of rest is really important in a role as a new Mummy and this is perfect for helping with that. Again it smells divine and feels like a real luxury and that’s what it’s all about after birth, snatching moments of luxury where and when you can and though those moments won’t be often, a bath can always be achieved, even if you have to pop the baby in a bouncer on the floor of the bathroom while you indulge. The aromas are enough to gift you the relaxation you will deserve.


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