10 Ways To Entertain Your Lockdown!

10 Ways To Entertain Your Lockdown!


1) How about a quiz with your extended via Zoom?! We’ve been doing kids quizzes for the littles but on a Sunday night the Grandparents, us and my sister in law all join in for a round of 10 questions each – I’ve been doorstep delivering fresh eggs from the farm the next day as ‘Egg on your face’ boobie prizes to the losers!

It’s not the same as bieng able to hug them but it’s fun, we dance, sing and have a glass of wine!


2) TikTok is a FAB way of getting all generations involved. Florence is a master and has so much fun with her friends on there. Just like Fortnite for Jimmy it is a way of enabling her to stay in touch while at the same time having fun and learning a new dance – we love her efforts!

Florence has us in stitches with her TikTok-ing antics!


3) My single friends are the ones I am trying to keep in close contact with because lockdown with no one to talk to all day would drive me batty. But what do you’re a single on lockdown looking for love?! Well how about a touch of virtual speed dating with DateinaDash.com – with busy weekly events and over 46,000 members the one could be just around that slightly distanced for now corner!

Some of my fave couples met on line before they met in real life – now might be JUST the time to spark up that light!

Get Arty

4) I’ve found that planting old bean cans with sunflowers is very therapeutic. I decorate the cans with paint to rainbow them up so that you can water the rainbow with the storm and see the sunshine appear!

My rainbow sunshine project which will come to bloom after the storm!


5) With time on your hands you could teach yourself a new skill. It doesn’t have to be profound like learning a new language (although you could) but perhaps just something you have always fancied trying your hand at or getting better at something you loved as a child. A few years ago I taught myself to knit using YouTube tutorials and now it is one of my favourite things to do!

Always knitting!


6) No seriously, how about a litle holiday at home – pitch a tent in the garden and sleep out under the starts, we LOVED doing this for Jimmy’s birthday recently!

A garden camp out was super fun!


7) Are you a creative cat? They say everyone has a book in them so be it a manual, a raunchy novel or the next children’s best seller, whatever you have always envisaged yours to be why don’t you get some ideas onto paper?! What would it hurt and you never know – I love writing, it’s a creative outlet. You could even just write a diary for yourself you know, why not?!

What’s your book?! Jimmy’s is a fact file, mine deffo a chick lit novel and Florence is writing the next best teen romance!


8) I don’t know about you but I’m missing being able to just pop to the shops and get whatever I want for dinner. I’d love a take-away but while I wait I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen and making fake-aways. I’ve made sweet and sour chicken (thank you BBC Good Food) and tried the Wagamamma’s chicken katsu curry but my fave so far has been the Turkish/Indian fusion kebabs I made – yum. Search out your fave food recipes and cook up a storm, your family will thank you for it!

Find this recipe on my blog here!

Get In Shape

9) With all the food that’s being eaten here we’d need cranes to lift us out of the house by the time lockdown is over if we didn’t do a bit of exercise! We’ve been doing P.E with Joe Wicks every day which the whole family can get involved in, even Raffie at age 2 and we love it. There are so many fab exercise videos on line from dance workouts to yoga, just find the one that suits you!

Starting the day with exercise really does make me feel great!


10) Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you don’t NEED to do anything. This is an unprecedented time (as we keep being told). It is frightening, anxiety making and frankly sometimes we do just need to take a load off so get the streaming on, make a bed on the sofa and take some time to look after yourself by doing nothing at all. It won’t work all the time but it sure does help now and again!

Take a load off and chill with the T.V, what’s it gonna hurt?!