DIY For Lockdown!

DIY For Lockdown!

I think a lot of us are partaking in a bit of DIY for lockdown activities and we are no exception. The good thing for us was that I often have these grand ideas of what I’m going to do with a room, buy all the stuff and then never find the time to actually do it so we had a lot of the things we needed already and now have been given the time to get down to it!

Jonny started off by laying a floor in our big cupboard under the stairs. It acts as a bit of a pantry for us and had always bothered me that there was no floor – somehow he managed to teach himself to lay it, painted the walls, installed a light and hey presto, the cupboard is finally a useable space which is easy on the eye!

The cupboard leads out into the utility area of our kitchen and I love the new flooring in there – which is some we had left over – but I wish the kitchen matched!

The flooring got me thinking… You see I love it, it looks fab and looking at the rest of our downstairs which has this solid wood flooring throughout and I’d really rather like to change the kitchen floor too… Am I bonkers?! Could I have wooden floors in a kitchen? We currently have sandstone and I hate it. It looks nice on first glance but it’s laid so badly, all different levels (maybe that was how it was meant to be – we didn’t choose it) and the grouting just picks up dirt and is impossible to get clean. It’s horrible. I hate it. And wooden flooring running from our garden room, through to our lounge and then looped into our boot room, hall way, cloakroom and kitchen would be immense! Non traditional, but immense!

I love the solid wooden flooring in our garden room!
Which works as a bit of a play room too. The flooring is so easy to clean and keep looking good – as opposed to the sandstone in the kitchen!

We have absolutely loads of jobs to do but this is now very firmly on my agenda. Jonny has aquired the particular set of skills I think he needs to lay it, I’ve found a really nice one at and I reckon it’s totally doable… What do you think?!

We obviously have all the hallway, spare room, landing and a load of furniture to paint. By the time this lockdown ends it will be like living in a whole new house!