Pensthorpe Natural Park!

We’ve been to Pensthorpe Natural Park in Norfolk before but the last time was over 18 months ago and much has changed since then. A big injection of fun has been created and added into what was already a pleasant day out. Pensthorpe was the sort of place we would go for a quiet day, we wouldn’t spend hours and hours but we really enjoyed the natural habitat that can be see, feeding the ducks and seeing the flamingos. There were fun […]

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A Warburtons Halloween!

With my new thing of a Friday Night Treat Tea I am getting very happy when it comes to novelty food! Every week on a Friday we do our special themed tea to celebrate the beginning of the weekend and the children love it. They think choosing a theme each week is brilliant fun and even when my creations are a little less than perfect they are still pleased! It’s the holidays right now and we only do the treat […]

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Plum Interactive Cookie Kitchen!

We were sent the Plum Interactive Cookie Kitchen for review and chose to have it at my Mum’s house until our loft is converted and we have a proper playroom for it to go in. It’s not massively big because it’s slim and stands against a wall but I’m afraid until we can have the work done to make our pad bigger we are too much up against it with space for anything like it at home just yet… It […]

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WIN A Samsung Microwave!

So if you’re like me then you will be an appreciator of ‘easy cooking’. I’m not talking Pop Tarts or Supa Noodles (although I have been known to indulge – shhh, don’t tell my husband who thinks they’re the devil), I just mean a bit of microwave action… Not everything you cook in the quick friend is awful for you; it can steam vegetables with the bad boys of bamboo and my husband swears blind it does a mean bacon […]

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Our Plum Premium Wooden Playhouse!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how excited we were for half term at my Mum’s. We were excited for lots of reasons, the holidays, fun times as a family, Halloween and also, one very big reason… My Mum has just bought the Premium Wooden Playhouse by Plum Products! When she had it delivered there was a problem with the roof but they quickly sent her a new one and with her friend Danny they put it up in the […]

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A ‘Frozen’ Ready Room!

We recently went to a sleep powwow with Worlds Apart, the kids lifestyle brand that likes to help with all things slumber. We had a great time at the event and got to learn a fair few things from a sleep expert as well as taking away some handy products that the children have been using in their bedrooms ever since. We love the Go Glow lights which double up as torches (ALL children love torches) and the ready beds (excellent for […]

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Nutty’s Children’s Parties – The Album!

Danny Nutt is an actor (like him already – he’s of my kind), DJ, children’s entertainer and director of Nutty’s Children’s Parties. Nuttys are based in West Norwood and can provide disco parties, football parties, drama workshops and all manner of other types of parties all at from what I can see is a very reasonable price. They cover the whole of London and the South East of England as well as (randomly) Newcastle Upon Tyne (lucky Newcstle)! The parties […]

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The Pumpkin Festival At Willows Farm!

Yesterday we went back to an old favourite of ours, Willows Farm in St Albans. We go quite a bit and always have fun because whatever the weather there’s something to do! I love how this farm makes like a chameleon and depending on the holiday it matches its stripes to completely transform for the occasion. At Christmas is becomes Santa’s Spectacular Grotto, for Easter they have an Eggstravaganza, there’s a Summer Spectacular, Potato Shindig, Spring Special and last but not least the […]

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Match And More At Morrisons!

Last week Jimmy and I headed off to Camden to meet with the Morrisons Team in one of their largest stores in the capital. The night before had seen a new television advertising campaign, fronted by Ant and dec, to let the country know all about Morrisons new Match and More card. Most supermarkets have a price matching scheme and as you leave the store with a receipt that says ‘You could have saved 12p elsewhere’ You realise you only […]

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Grandad, Me And Teddy Too!

Yesterday we were treated to another great performance at The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. I was asked by a friend soon after we left whether I thought it was any good and if she should take her children? My response was, ‘yes, yes and to be honest, everything I’ve seen at Polka is good and you should take your children to as many things as you can there’. Polka is the sweetest little children’s theatre which relies on charity donations […]

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