Startrite Summer 15!

I’ve lived in London for almost a decade now but I was born and grew up in Norwich. It is Norwich that we are planning, with torn hearts it has to be said, to move back to this summer. Norwich is lovely and the houses are A LOT cheaper than they are in London which means we can finally trade our flat up for a house, something which is impossible here in London and something my family needs. We are […]

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Win A Family Ticket For British Summer Time in Hyde Park!

Sunday the 28th June sees the culmination of a fortnight of music and comedy in London’s Hyde Park with a massive family party where everyone can enjoy the festival vibe with Barclaycard’s British Summer Time! From the 18th – 28th June 2015 London’t Hyde Park will come alive to the sound of music… And Comedy… And… On the very last date, the sound of the best children’s entertainment around! We love taking our children to festivals be they camping for […]

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Little Bird By Jools Summer 15 Haul!

People never ask me why I like the Little Bird By Jools range from Mothercare because EVERYONE likes it and EVERYONE already knows the reasons! It’s a little piece of the old-fashioned brought bang up to date by one sassy mamma (let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be best mates with Jools Oliver?) and it keeps children looking like children rather than mini adults. I love that Jools takes inspiration from the clothes she wore as a child and the […]

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The Perfect Camp!

We only really ‘got’ camping last summer after a wonderful trip to Camp Bestival with the whole family. It surprised me how much we managed to enjoy the experience as Jonny and I had once had a very ill fated camping experience in our early twenties where I got lost in the woods in the middle of the night looking for the toilet and we ended up having to sleep in the car due to being so cold and a […]

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Schleich Riding Arena!

Florence likes the idea of riding more that she actually likes the riding itself it has to be said. She’s usually a very brave little thing but something about riding makes her a tad apprehensive and I wouldn’t say it’s her natural comfort zone when in the saddle. She’s only been a couple of times saying that and despite the being a little frightened I’d say she’s managed to enjoy it anyway… In the end. I guess the more you do it […]

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I absolutely adore photographs and take lots and lots of them much to the annoyance of my family. I say they’re annoyed but really and truly it’s only in the minute when they think I’m not enjoying ‘the moment’ in the moment because I’m so busy behind the lens. Afterwards, when we look back the the pictures, everyone is always really pleased we have them and even say often that they wish I’d taken more! The pictures I always like […]

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5 Ways to Detox Safely Before TTC

Detoxification has become somewhat of a fad in the past decade, but it really should not be thought of in that way. Detoxification is a natural process that your body initiates daily. And if we were not constantly bombarded with environmental toxins, our bodies would naturally be able to eliminate all of the toxins without much help from us. Unfortunately, that does not describe the world in which we live, so we do need to make an effort to change […]

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Leaving Leytonstone…

I usually add an exclamation mark at the end of my blog post titles. It’s mostly appropriate but even when it’s not really, it still works. It’s usually still something to shout about. For this title however and I want to whisper it. Very quietly. So that if I don’t say it properly maybe it might not be true. But, with a very heavy heart and streaming tears in my eyes, I know that it very much is. It’s true. […]

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Swashbuckle Magazine!

When Swashbuckle started on CBeebies it was all Florence talked about for ages! She absolutely loved it from the off and so did all her friends which made a very nice change to all the Disney Princesses and Barbies. I don’t have a problem with any of that but it was a refreshing change and it reminded me of the sort of shows I used to watch as a child myself. The interactive format makes me think of Pat Sharpe’s Fun House […]

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The Natural Approach With Maccy D’s!

My Mum’s best friend once called me an ‘earth Mother’ which both delights me and makes me laugh at the sheer bizarreness of ME being called one. It’s true to say that on some levels I do appear to be ‘at one with nature’ when it comes to babies but deep down, really and truly, I think I merely dabble rather than worship at the alter of all things ‘natural’. I think her reasons for calling me thus were mainly […]

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