Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes!

Florence and I made mini Victoria sponge cakes a couple of days ago and they were so cute I thought I’d share them with you! We made a sponge mixture using the 4, 4, 4, 2 method. 4oz of sugar and butter creamed together until pale and fluffy, 2 eggs whisked in with a drop of vanilla essence and then 4 oz of self raising flour sifted and folded in. We then baked the mixture about a centimeter thick on […]

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A Mobile Of Butterflies!

When they stay with my Mum the children take great delight in going into the garden with her and one of her insect books to find the mini beasts they can see on the pages. If they’re not out specifically looking but find a new creature then they rush to get the books out and look them up to find out what they are and take such delight in doing so. It’s free but yet lots of fun and something we don’t […]

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Growing Herbs Inside!

The main thing that keeps me up beat about leaving London (in an ideal world we’d stay) is that we are going to have a garden. I hate the fact that we don’t have one right now and even though people always remind me we have the Wanstead flats ‘on our doorstep’, are a stones throw from Epping Forest and have monumental parks like The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park very close, it just doesn’t really do it in the same […]

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Summer Fun In The Garden!

For the last week we’ve been staying at my Mum’s where we’ve been having masses of fun in the garden. My Mum’s garden is huge, winding and has many parts to it which is the perfect play ground for children and coupled with the fact that we don’t have one at home in London it is a place of great excitement for all of us when we come home for a visit. I just love to hit the BBQ so […]

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Summer Fun For A Quid!

We have a Poundland on our high street and I’ve actually cited it as being on of the things I’m going to miss most when we move. Yes I know there will be a Poundland in Norwich but there’s nothing quite like having one on your doorstep. Run out of milk? Poundland! Need a bribe toy? Poundland! Baking cakes and need gorgeous decorations? Poundland! I pop into Poundland every day and it’s amazing what you can pick up for a […]

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Very Easy How To Knit Baby Booties!

I love to knit but am not particularly good at following complicated patterns and instead prefer simple, easy to do projects that I don’t have to constantly be on YouTube for to find out how the next bit is done… I also like a really quick end result and knitting something small like baby booties gives just that while still being impressive and a really lovely gift for someone expecting a baby. Lots of baby bootie paterns are over complicated […]

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Buying A High Backed Booster – Mine Field!

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally just bought a high backed booster seat for Florence. I’d heard about the Britax #BinTheBooster seat campaign and knew that we were going to avoid a simple booster cushion at all costs and go for a high backed one as I know they are safer. I just didn’t know which one, where from or how much money I was going to spend? Florence is five and a half now so […]

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Pleasurewood Hills 2015!

Summer has rolled around again and we have been spending a good deal of time back in Norfolk staying with my Mum. It’s a lovely place to be in the sunshine and even though it’s home to me really, I’ve been feeling that holiday vibe and getting out and about with all the tourists. Beach days and family attractions are wonderful in both Norfolk and Suffolk and there’s one place that I just wouldn’t want to miss, Pleasurewood Hills! Pleasurewood Hills […]

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We Loved Camp Bestival 2015!

This time last week the children and I were enjoying the last full day of Camp Bestival where we’d been camping with friends since the Friday. I’d driven down from London and faced the motorway only for the second time before joining Alice from Project Wanderlust at her camp and putting the tent up almost single handed (I did ask for a little bit of help from a young man walking past when the poles needed someone at each end); I felt […]

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