Wish You Were Here!

Thought I’d just send a cheeky little post card from our holiday in Portugal so far! We are in Lagos which is where we first visited many years ago pre children and fell in love with (we were already in love with each other)! We chose to get married here we love it so much and a family trip back (my Mum has come with us – actually more to reality, has brought us) was just what we needed – […]

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The Best Ways To Make Room For A New Baby!

It’s no surprise that I’m interested in ways to make space for babies! We live in a two bedroom flat in London and trying to find enough room for the babies we already have is big on my list of daily tidying up but I so want a third child and I think we may have maximised every space saving pportunity we have. We plan on a move to Norfolk very soon but until we can get to our dream house […]

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Rushing To The End!

I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas day and a lazy Friday afternoon at work always felt like the best part of the weekend to me… You’ve still got it all to come you see and once it’s there it’s just all rushing to the end when you suddenly realise normal TV is back on scheduling, the chocolates are eaten, it’s time for a diet and inevitably, it’s a Monday morning and you’re en route to work. I have been so […]

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Monster High – Frightmares Centaurs!

As you might have noticed on the blog before, we like a bit of Monster High and Florence has been playing with one of the new ‘Fright Mares Cantaurs’ collection this week. Monster High™ is filled with so many secret doors, passageways and portals, you never know what you might find within its halls, or even its walls – and deep within the catacombs of everyone’s favourite school live half centaur-half unique monsters! These spookeriffic monster mash-ups are real Fright-Mares™! […]

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Scooby-Doo’s Gone Crazy Legged!

I love how Scooby Doo seems to transfer from generation to generation. I remember watching it when I was little and loving it and now Florence is just getting into this sort of stage as well. It’s a little sophisticated for Jimmy but he does love it when the monsters come out and of course when Scooby Doo appears. He’s clearly a little fan in the making. As soon as I saw the new Scooby-Doo toy, I knew it would […]

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Pinocchio At The Greenwich Theatre!

Originally produced at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, a new musical adaptation of the classic children’s Pinocchio is currently receiving its UK Premiere this summer at the Greenwich Theatre. On Friday, the children, some friends and I headed up there to check it out. Florence seemed to know a lot about the story of Pinocchio despite her only exposure to it being a brief interlude at Disney On Ice as far as I knew and she was super excited about seeing it. We […]

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Meeting Pixie Lott And Her Steffi Love Dolls!

On Friday were invited to Hamleys to a very special launch party with a very special pop star and her new range of dolls. Florence has been rather fond of Pixie Lott since she was on Strictly Come Dancing but had been a little shy to go and say hello when we saw her at Mahiki for a Netflix even before Christmas. Pixie had, then, been sitting with her family and I think Florence just felt silly going over and […]

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Bright Eyes Pets!

Florence has always enjoyed the interactive toys that she’s had in the past but with ones like Teksta and Xeno, I think she does see them as more ‘boyish’ as she puts it and although she likes to play with them, it’s definitely Jimmy who ends up with them in the end. Bright Eyes Pets are far more girlie and from the minute she saw her Knew kitten I knew that this one would not be a toy she would […]

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Thrice Cooked Chips Recipe!

The other day I looked up how to make Heston’s thrice cooked chips but it seemed like an almighty faff in the park with refrigeration, cooling time, patting dry… Oh all sorts and I just couldn’t be bothered! Instead I decided to make them anyway and winged a method that was easy and quick to see if it worked. It did! In the past when I have made home-cooked chips, deep frying just the once, they have come out a […]

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Half Way Through The Summer Holidays?!

Half way through the summer holidays?! really?! Time is going too fast. It doesn’t seem five minutes since I picked Florence up and we shouted ‘we’re freeeeeeee!’ and yet somehow half the holiday time has been used up already! The first week was brilliant but I haven’t posted much of what we’ve been up to since then. We had Camp Bestival where I drove, shaking, all the way to Dorset, pitched a tent and then spent the weekend wearing flowers […]

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