Bright Eyes Pets!

Florence has always enjoyed the interactive toys that she’s had in the past but with ones like Teksta and Xeno, I think she does see them as more ‘boyish’ as she puts it and although she likes to play with them, it’s definitely Jimmy who ends up with them in the end.

Bright Eyes Pets are far more girlie and from the minute she saw her Knew kitten I knew that this one would not be a toy she would pass to her baby brother. As well as the kitten there’s an elephant, owl or dog to choose from and with a price tag of £19.99 they are certainly more affordable than most interactive pets on the market so that’s a first bonus for sure. Saying that, they don’t actually do too much and you can’t train them like you can with others but Florence was more than happy playing with hers and cuddled it all night last night. I had to tiptoe into her room and put it on mute (or ‘nute’ as she says) so that it didn’t wake her up in the night. Great function! This one is also suitable for much younger children with the recommended age being 2+.

The Bright Eyes Pet is a hit with Florence!
The Bright Eyes Pet is a hit with Florence!

This toy pet came at just the right time really as we have promised Florence a real kitten when we move but as that is taking longer than first envisaged this one can step in and being a stand in until then! Florence also, has been rather hoping to have her own YouTube channel and when the Bright Eyes Pet came out of the box I knew she would be able to wax lyrical about it so I agreed. It’s a new channel and I’m not very YouTube proficient yet but we’ve added a Vlog by Florence to her new channel, Florence’s Toy Box. Hope you like it!

We were sent a Bright Eyes Pet for the purpose of an honest review.