Thrice Cooked Chips Recipe!

The other day I looked up how to make Heston’s thrice cooked chips but it seemed like an almighty faff in the park with refrigeration, cooling time, patting dry… Oh all sorts and I just couldn’t be bothered! Instead I decided to make them anyway and winged a method that was easy and quick to see if it worked. It did!

In the past when I have made home-cooked chips, deep frying just the once, they have come out a little bit soggy so the thrice cooking method definitely works and I really don’t think it has to be an all day job like Heston advises. This is what I did.


Maris Piper potatoes

Vegetable oil

Sea salt


Peel and chop the potatoes into chunky sized chips.

Thrice Cooked Chips 2

Boil the chips for a few minutes or until soft then drain thoroughly and leave to stand while you heat up the oil. Heat enough vegetable oil to cover each of the chips completely and deep fry them in batches until they start to turn brown. When you add the chips the oil should bubble.

Set each batch aside and then when cool they are ready to be deep fried for another few minutes until they turn a little bit darker. If you are doing your chips in three or four batches then the first batch will be ready for its third cook by the time you have finished the second cook of the last batch. No waiting and no putting in the fridge for a while…

Thrice Cooked Chips
Boil and drain, fry then fry again!

When they’re cooked sprinkle with some sea salt and they should be crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. perfect!

Thrice Cooked Chips 1
Thrice cooked chips!

To make thrice cooked chips with a difference try adding chili salt and making a home made garlic mayonnaise for a dip.