Meeting Pixie Lott And Her Steffi Love Dolls!

On Friday were invited to Hamleys to a very special launch party with a very special pop star and her new range of dolls. Florence has been rather fond of Pixie Lott since she was on Strictly Come Dancing but had been a little shy to go and say hello when we saw her at Mahiki for a Netflix even before Christmas. Pixie had, then, been sitting with her family and I think Florence just felt silly going over and asking for a picture so she was thrilled to get the chance to see her again, especially as she has a new range of dolls out!

Last year Florence also took a bit of a shine to Steffi Love dolls and combining Pixie with them is perfect. She saw last year’s Steffi Love song performed at Lollibop but this time, with Pixie at the helm, she’s even more enticing!

Meeting Pixie Lott!
Meeting Pixie Lott! Not sure if Jimmy was AS into it as his sister?! 😉


We got to meet Pixie, have photos and she even signed on of her new dolls for Florence to bring home. Florence has been asking me for ages if she can do some YouTube Vlogs and I just thought, oh why not so she’s even made a little Vlog about her day and about the doll Pixie gave her. Florence’s new YouTube channel is called Florence’s Toy Box and you will have to bear with me while I learn as I am totally new to it… I will get better I promise but for now, a first Vlog from Florence, enjoy!