Our Week!

This week has been a little bit better than last. I’m getting used to be on my own during the week but am still exhausted come Friday and very ready for Jonny to come home and give me a bit of a break! This weekend my Mum is coming with him as Jonny and I are off the the theatre tomorrow to see Memphis and then out for dinner. We’ve also got our open day tomorrow when troops of people […]

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Warburtons Are Tickled Pink At Asda!

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign has launched a range of gorgeous pink products to help support the incredible work of Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care. Warburtons Soft Brown Sandwich Thins are a part of the range which a 10p donation of each sale will go to the 2015 Ticked Pink fund, helping to support the over half a million women in the UK currently living with or after a diagnosis of breast […]

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Schleich Under The Sea!

I think it was horses that we had first with our Schleich collection and over the years they’ve been added to with more of the same, a dinosaur here and there and a whole host of gorgeous zoo animals. Jimmy loves them and despite having a tendency to turn his toys into weapons (something a medium sized Schleich animal could prove rather nasty with) he’s actually only played really lovely games with his. It’s true that sometimes Jimmy will have […]

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The Genies Are Celebrating Jeans For Genes Day!

Do you remember a while back I wrote about The Treehouse at Number 9? It’s a free musical e-book about a gang of friends, The Genies, who all have differences in their abilities. It’s written by Sara jackson who devised the concept at the time when she had a two year old and a baby sone who had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. The app is completely free because Sara and her friend Karen, who illustrates the stories, […]

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Freak Du Chic – Monster High Review!

We’ve long been fans of the Monster High doll range by Mattel and over time, as we’ve collected more and more, we’ve become very familiar with all the characters. There’s the original ghouls like ‘Draculaura’ (our favourite), Ghouls, Fright-Mares… Even Mansters (we really want a Manster) and they all kind of mix in with other ranges. Recently we’ve discovered the Freak Du Chic range of Monster High pals! The Freak Du Chic circus has arrived to Monster High and each […]

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Hello Kitty Hits The Stage – She’s Live With Her Fashion And Friends!

A Live Nation and Zen Tiger Live presentation in association with Warner Music Group It is officially announced that Hello Kitty is hitting the stage with her new live show HELLO KITTY – FASHION AND FRIENDS starting with the live premiere on Thursday 8th October at London’s Hammersmith Apollo! To follow, a UK wide tour will commence next year starting in March; so if you have Hello Kitty fans (we certainly do) then it’s time to prick your whiskers up and […]

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Ever After High – Way Too Wonderland Apple White Doll Review

I’d not heard of ‘Ever After High’ until last week when we were sent one of the dolls to review but I was quickly brought up to speed by Florence who is well versed in the Netflix show it seems and knew all about the dolls too. The children of famous fairy tale characters all go to a boarding high school together (Ever After High) and follow in their parents footsteps with stories of their own along the way but […]

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Back In The Swing!

Well it’s been a whole week since the summer holidays ended for us and being back to our regular routine has been even harder than I thought. With Jonny working in Norwich all week I am on my own and living the life of a single parent. It just isn’t fun at all. It seems like it’s been a constant round of making food, tidying up, washing, cleaning, making more food, doing more tidying, bed time routines, getting people dressed, […]

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Weekend Togs – Little Bird By Jools At Mothercare!

I bought the children a new outfit each from my favourite Little Bird byJools at Mothercare and I just had to share how cute they are! I love everything about this range in general but these new items in our wardrobe are some of my favourite yet. Pears, toadstools, rainbows, pretty, delicate, retro, practical, fun… Just a few words that spring to mind. The best thing is that for me, they make my children look like children and bring me […]

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Alladin’s Flying Carpet Game – Review

When Jimmy was born Florence was tiny really but because she had a baby brother she seemed so grown up. She was two and four months and I can totally see loking back that I probably baby Jimmy compared to how we used to treat her – he’s the baby of the family (at the moment) so I guess that’s natural. She is a completely different character to him however so perhaps that’s why. Even at two and a half she had the […]

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