Keeping everybody happy in your home

One of the biggest joys about having a family is that sheer vibrancy of home life. There’s truly never a dull moment as your little ones will invariably find new and creative ways to explore their home domain. However, there can be more than a few moments of occasional friction too. Whether it’s noise, messy habits, or even just cabin fever during rainy days, it’s important to make sure that everybody has their own comfortable space in your home where […]

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#FREE Novel you say?!

Tonight Jimmy said ‘My Grandad used to be a genius and then he was an ice cream man and now he is just my Grandad’. He’s twice right. There’s no way he could ever be in any form of catering because he’d be terrible at it. I once asked him for some onion in a cheese toastie he was making me and he chopped one in half before placing it between the two slices of bread. I realise ice cream […]

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All You Need Is Love!

When I was little I knew that my Great Aunty Anne was gay, I think we all did but for some reason it was never spoken of. I used to ask her (A LOT) if she would ever get a boyfriend or get married knowing full well that she’d dodge the answers but I just wanted her to tell me the truth and I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t come out with it? She came everywhere with her friend Morgan […]

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Interplay’s Best friend’s Style Lab – Review AndCompetition!

Last month we reviewed Interplay’s glitter tattoo kit which is part of their Fab Lab range and we LOVED it. We’ve used it lots of times now and the children are always thrilled when we do. I surmised in my review that it would be the perfect kit to use at a children’s birthday party and we’ve been using it when we have friends over too. This month they’ve sent us their rather more extensive kit along the same lines […]

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On The Move!

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we’re moving now. I even find myself getting excited about it most of the time. The thought of a big house with enough bedrooms for all of us (and more for any extras – fingers crossed) is spurring me on and we’ve found a house which is definitely a plus. The village we want to move to basically has very slim pickings when it comes to the type of house I’ve been after […]

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The Great British John Adams Bake Off!

Before this year I’d never really got into the Great British Bake Off. I’d heard loads of really good things about it but for some reason it wasn’t on my radar or timetable or something. Anyway, it’s all change this year as I’ve discovered it and now, I look forward to Wednesdays all week (and Friday’s for the Jo Brand spin off ‘Extra Slice’ show)! The things is, Florence has also discovered it and I’m not sure why I didn’t […]

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Lalaloopsy Dance With Me Doll Launch Party Gossip And Review!

At the weekend the children and I were invited to a launch party for the new Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party Dance With Me Doll; Florence, in particular, was thrilled! She’s long been a fan of Lalaloopsy, the modern day rag dolls who all have an individual tale of where they came from and as she’s had her eye on some of the latest releases I knew this would be a mega hit in her eyes! She’s ALREADY started making plans […]

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Clanger Home Planet – Review!

As you may have noticed, we’re going a bit Klanger crazy here at Rocknroller Baby towers and have been having a fabulous time playing with all the new Clanger toys to go with the series from Character! Jimmy especially has been enjoying them and in him I have seen a whole new way of playing while he uses them. He becomes very calm and quiet as he plays and as he makes the little figures have conversations with each other […]

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Zoggs Ahoy!

When Florence was tiny we bought her a Miss Zoggy Bobin swim jacket from Zoggs. It has 8 floats in idividual pockets and has been brilliant for helping her learn to swim. You can remove floats as they get more confident and Florence still wears it even now sometimes although she can actually swim without it. It just makes her feel that bit more secure when swimming out of her depth or comfort zone in a new pool and it […]

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Fireman Sam – Heroes Of The Storm DVD!

During the summer holidays the children and I were invited to a premiere screening of Fireman Sam’s latest big screen foray, ‘Fireman Sam – Heroes Of The Storm’. We couldn’t make it as we were on holiday so the lovely folks who extended the invitation decided to send us the movie on DVD along with a pretty special Fireman Sam helmet toy to make up for it! Are’t we lucky! The DVD is just the ticket for the weather right […]

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