On The Move!

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we’re moving now. I even find myself getting excited about it most of the time. The thought of a big house with enough bedrooms for all of us (and more for any extras – fingers crossed) is spurring me on and we’ve found a house which is definitely a plus.

The village we want to move to basically has very slim pickings when it comes to the type of house I’ve been after and anything was going to be a compromise in some way. We were either going to have to go WAY over budget or way under it as there seemed to be nothing (aside from the one perfect one which we lost out to) in the middle price bracket we were after. Going so much over wasn’t an option and going so much under seemed to mean something awful but now, I think (and hope) we’ve reached the compromise we needed.

So the house we’ve found is only a few years old which is what I was after. It has 4 bedrooms, a great family garden room, big living and kitchen rooms and a decent garden with a lovely summer house which boasts a mezzanine level (didn’t know I wanted one of those but now I’ve seen it I definitely do)! All sounds great so far but it is quite a lot below our budget and the compromises do come in.

The bedrooms are all a good size but the master is smaller than I REALLY wanted and although it has an ensuite it only has a single built in wardrobe. The house is link detached by the garage rather than detached and the kitchen doesn’t have a utility room… I really wanted a utility room…

But… Because It’s below budget there are things we can do. IF we get it (having our offer accepted doesn’t mean anything until it’s signed as far as I’m concerned) then I want to convert the loft making it 5 beds with 2 masters and 2 ensuites thus meaning I get my HUGE master bedroom with a double built in wardrobe plus another one – bonus! I also want to split the garage in half, have the front for storage and the back knocked into the kitchen as either a utility room or just to make it even bigger.

The current owners have already had a gorgeous porch added with pews either side that lift up and store shoes underneath and they recently had the garden room added which, for me, sold me the house. It needs a bit of a lick of paint and a wood burning stove in the garden room fitted (there’s already one in the living room) and then I think we have a bit of a dream home. Eventually.

This does make me happy and I hate being in London on my own (love it otherwise) so I know I should be jumping up and down but…

As well as having our offer accepted on the compromise house we’ve also accepted an offer on our flat. My first owned home. The place I had my babies (quite literally in Jimmy’s case who was born in my living room). And I can’t help but feel… I don’t know? I can’t put my finger on it but it isn’t good.

I don’t know if it’s feeling a bit depressed or grumpy or what really? It just doesn’t feel very nice and as if all the fight’s gone out of me. I’m finding I’m not really talking to many people at the moment; I do this when I’m down and I can’t muster up much energy for things. I’ve even been driving myself to the gym which is just a ten minute walk away – I suppose that at least I’ve still been going to the gym. I just kind of feel heavy of something and I need to shake it.

I want to be all excited about the next chapter of our lives, page turning as quickly as possible to get to the next good bit but I seem to be stuck on some sort of middle chapter where nothing much is happening and it all feels like a lot of hard work plodding through it. Hopefully soon I’ll get out of the necessary filler bit of the story that I’m obviously not enjoying and onto something more fun.

If only every page could be read under cloudless skies and sunshine...
If only every page could be read under cloudless skies and sunshine making life a beach…

6 thoughts on “On The Move!

  1. We haven’t bought a property yet but I can totally understand why you’d be feeling a bit strange with regards to selling your first proper home. Especially if it holds all the good memories of your children growing up and I’m sure bad ones too. Your new and hopefully forever home sounds absolutely amazing!! I’m very jealous and can’t wait to see photos when you move.

  2. You’re leaving London? ?
    I feel your pain about compromise. Finding a new home is tough. We’ve stepped away from a couple of moves because the place I wanted wasn’t really a available. .
    Seems like you’ve found a reasonable compromise.
    One thing to consider: If it’s a relatively new house a loft conversion won’t be as simple as on a Victorian house. Trusses are more complicated to replace. Check with a builder to get a rough idea of the cost and implications.

    1. Yes we’re moving… And thanks Monika, I see that you too are having a bit of a change?! Exciting! Yes, we’ve had advice from a builder and the roof is suitable for a conversion, other houses in the same build have done it already and we’ve spoken to him about where the stairs would go. It would mean we’d have to lose a tiny bit of space from one of the bedrooms and have the door to that room moved back a bit but worth it I think. His tentative quote, which can’t be proper until he’s had architechts plans etc is about the same price with VAT as it is here so not too bad. 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you Ruth.
    Obviously I would miss you at events though. I would be the same as you in two minds but once you get settled Im sure you’ll be fine.
    I hope you’re all well. Give yourself a kick up the butt and walk to the gym 😀


    1. Thank you lovely! And I will! I’ll still see you at events, I’ll be down all the time and it’s only an hour and a half away! 🙂 xxxx

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