Keeping everybody happy in your home

One of the biggest joys about having a family is that sheer vibrancy of home life. There’s truly never a dull moment as your little ones will invariably find new and creative ways to explore their home domain.

However, there can be more than a few moments of occasional friction too. Whether it’s noise, messy habits, or even just cabin fever during rainy days, it’s important to make sure that everybody has their own comfortable space in your home where they can left off steam and be themselves.

The importance of space


I love having my own workspace at home. It’s nothing much more than a little desk tucked away in the corner of the kitchen, but it’s so important to have a place where you can gather your thoughts and pass the time in your own way. And if you’ve got kids this can be very important too.

Making sure that your child’s bedroom is a safe haven will undoubtedly be any parent’s priority, but you can also make it a little more fun with one of My Wee Teepee’s range of hyper-cute indoor wigwams that’ll give your child a private space to cool off in case of a little temper tantrum.

Staying cosy and comfortable


Providing a shelter for your family is one of the biggest treasures that we can enjoy in our lives. And making your home a cosy and comfortable place is key in making sure that everyone is happy.

Whilst some stately furniture may suit some tastes, such elegance would definitely be lost in my home! So that’s why I favour fun items like these stylish pouffes that will give your home a touch of comfort, and a little bit of boho chic too!

Although the roaring living-room fireplace might be the most stereotypical image we have of a cosy home, the reality is that such heating rarely covers the whole house. But to make sure that each bedroom has its own customisable heat source, then the new electric radiators from the likes of Verismart can offer the perfect solution for households with several people.

Noise annoys


Few things are going to do as much to cause friction in a home as that of noise. Whether its the inevitable Sunday evening tantrum from the little ones, or even somebody watching the television a little too loud, the intrusive nature of noise can often drive me up the wall! But thankfully there are now TV speakers that can increase or decrease the volume levels in relation to ambient noise – perfect for a little late night viewing without waking the kids!

Author: Ida Samuelsson