#FREE Novel you say?!

Tonight Jimmy said ‘My Grandad used to be a genius and then he was an ice cream man and now he is just my Grandad’.

He’s twice right.

There’s no way he could ever be in any form of catering because he’d be terrible at it. I once asked him for some onion in a cheese toastie he was making me and he chopped one in half before placing it between the two slices of bread. I realise ice cream isn’t quite as taxing as making a cheese toastie but I think he’d be wise to steer clear regardless!

The Grandad bit is clearly true however and also, he is a bit of a genius really… He’s a Doctor of Philosophy for a start AND he speaks Latin. My brothers took after him in that regard but I, absolutely did not… Higher education was not for me.

My Dad and I do have some things in common though, we both love to write.

My Dad used to be a teacher and he wrote musicals for his classes to perform. He’s also written lots of books (see, told you, clever (one of them is even dedicated to me but it’s about computers and technology so I haven’t read it) and runs his own publishing company called Bite-Sized Books where he publishes short books written by all sorts of authors on all sorts of topics.

And now, Jimmy’s genius Grandad has written a novel of his own! And until the weekend it is on a FREE download with Amazon. Check it out HERE!

The Ways We Live Now: Civil Service Corruption, Wilful Blindness, Commercial Fraud and Personal Greed – a Novel of Our Times

This novel will shock you as it tells a story of attempted fraud at the highest levels of the Civil Service, and then the lies, deceit and wilful blindness employed to cover up wrong doing and protect the guilty.
Michael Poole, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Department for Travellers, has reached a critical point in his career – the moment he has been planning for, when he can make a complete change in his life. The opportunity to profit from his position is at last within his grasp – and Poole is determined to seize the moment.


What do the readers think?

‘It’s shocking and so convincing that these senior civil servants think they can cheat and lie as they do in the novel. And then collude with business people to feather their nests. It can’t possibly be based in real events – surely?

So, grab a coffee, purchase this FREE down load and enjoy a bit of genius – well, if Jimmy says it then it must be true!