The Genies Are Celebrating Jeans For Genes Day!

Do you remember a while back I wrote about The Treehouse at Number 9? It’s a free musical e-book about a gang of friends, The Genies, who all have differences in their abilities. It’s written by Sara jackson who devised the concept at the time when she had a two year old and a baby sone who had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder.

The app is completely free because Sara and her friend Karen, who illustrates the stories, wanted to increase awareness and acceptance of children with differences, and highlight the work of one of the charities that help families like Sara and children like her little boy. The stories are fun and positive and if they can help affected children and their families with the success of this book, then that will be a bonus. What might help with this is a unique feature of the App – a Donate button – that goes straight to the Genetic Disorders UK site. While there is no obligation to donate, readers are encouraged to take a look around their site to see how the charity are helping many others affected by conditions just like the Genies Gang. Karen and Sara’s main hope is that you will read and enjoy the book, spread the word about all you learn and come back to see the Genies in their Treehouse very soon.

Anyway, tomorrow, the 18th September 2015, marks the 20th anniversary of Jeans For Genes day. The money raised by organisations and schools on Jeans for Genes Day funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life of children and families affected by genetic disorders. This is something very close to the heart of The Treehouse At Number 9 and they are proud to support

Treehouse J4G Day 2015(on white)

So get your denim on tomorrow and donate! If you’re not part of a school or organisation raising funds then download the Treehouse At Number 9 app and donate through their button!