Spring And Summer At Asda – #AsdaSS16!

Last Thursday I headed into central London to have a sneaky peek at what’s coming up from the food department at Asda in the spring and summer for 2016! I was SO super impressed with what I saw (and ate) and came away longing for sunshine days where we can BBQ and balmy evenings to alfresco dine on our new patio set. Not that we have a patio set yet I hasten to add but now that we have a garden (at […]

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Easter Treats 2016!

Since having children Easter has become one of my favourite times of the year. I remember F being very tiny indeed but absolutely loving an Easter egg hunt in my Mum’s garden and it just kind of changed the way I feel about it all. I think I used to be quite synical and talk about how, like valentine’s Day, it was just a way for companies to cash in. I definitely remember saying things like ‘We’re not American, why […]

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Little Live Pets – Series 4 Birds – Dazzle Wings Strawberry Belle – Review!

We’ve always been massive fans of the Little Live Pets and in particular the birds. They are so cute and repeat what you say as well as chirruping and tweeting away on their own. When you put two together it’s like they feed off each other and super sweet to watch! It’s like having all the fun of a real pet without actually having to have one! Character have just brought out the new range in the birds collection and they […]

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World Book Day Costumes For The Whole Family From Asda – Review!

It seems like there’s always some costume to be making, preparing or buying doesn’t it! So far this year at school we’ve already had Roald Dhal Day where my two went as an Oompa Loopa (Florence had the costume from a previous tap dancing performance and passed it on to Jimmy) and Veruca Salt so they were nice and easy but when it came to International day, where everyone has to come in their typical traditional dress, we found it much […]

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Barbie Has Three New Bodies – Review!

I loved Barbie as a child growing up and I don’t think it ever once occurred to me that real people might be offended because Barbie doesn’t really represent how ‘real women’ really look. I mean, I knew she was a dolly so I didn’t expect to grow up and look like her and actually, I don’t think I really wanted to either – she has plastic pants for a start and her boobies don’t move. I quite like boobies […]

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We’re In – Hello Norfolk!

Well, that’s it. We’re in. Hello Norfolk! We sat outside our house (flat) in London for one last time and had a family photo before we left. It felt a bit surreal to be shutting our blue door for the very last time but kind of good too. We’d spent our last evening with friends and kids in the pub, having a last farewell to Leytonstone which was really, really fun but during the night the neighbourhood drug dealer had […]

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The Short Goodbye…

Well here we are, having raced into our very last week in London and I can’t believe that today is the last day of school in Leytonstone for my babies. I think I’ve dreaded this day more than the actual day we are moving because the school, along with friends, is the biggest reason we don’t want to leave. A week ago today we got the news to say our massive chain of 9 had finally come together for an […]

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Alvin And The Chipmunks – Road Chip – Review!

I remember watching ‘Alvin, Simon and Theodore (or Theo-dorable if you will) when I was little and Alvin and the Chipmunks were just a cartoon on mainstream TV. I loved it but I think the voices might have driven my Mum a bit bonkers so when we were invited to the latest (in a bit of a line actually) of their big screen adventures and took Gram with us for the ride, I wasn’t entirely convinced she herself would enjoy […]

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Cirque Beserk – Review!

Last night I tripped into town with a friend to see the London premiere perfromance of Cirque Beserk. Joining us were a whole host of celebrities and as we danced around the flashing cameras of the red carpet, ready for the latest spectacular by famed Zippos Circus, the theatre was a buzz with excitement. Before the show I had wondered how Zippos could turn their big top bonanza into a west end stage performance and if it would work? The […]

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They’re Beautiful On The Inside – Asda’s Wonky Veg Box For £3.50!

Everyone’s talkign about the new wonky veg boxes from Asda. It’s all over my Facebook time line, Twitter, the papers and even in the school play ground it’s what the Mum’s have been chatting about. At £3.50 for a massive box of ‘ugly veg’ the boxes must be flying off the shelf! When I say ‘ugly veg’ I do have to clarify, we’re simply talking about them not having the pristine perfectness that usually makes superarket shelves – they’re not […]

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