Newsflash – We Wanna Be A #MarkWarnerMum 2016 Ambassador!

NEWSFLASH!    NEWSFLASH!    NEWSFLASH!    NEWSFLASH!    NEWSFLASH!    NEWSFLASH!   PRESS PLAY FOR A #MARKWARNERMUM NEWS FLASH! Well you’ve seen the news, we’re on the move, We’re gonna need a holiday when in our new groove! A perfect break for us would be sun, sand and sea, But we’re open to new things and we’d love to learn to ski! As long as we’re together, that’s the most important part, A relax, laugh and play – all we need for full hearts! […]

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5 Outdoor Projects To Get The Kids Excited

We are constantly fighting with our kids to get them outside in the fresh air, rather than stuck inside with their eyes glued to a screen. According to the World Health Organisation we spend around 90% of our time stuck indoors – but finding ways to get your kids outside can prove difficult. Here are five outdoor projects that will have the kids discarding their technology and desperate to get outside. Once in the garden they won’t only realise how […]

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Easy Cheesy Potato Dauphinois With Barber’s 1833 Reserve Cheddar – Recipe!

Last week I was sent some very appetising Barber’s 1833 Reserve Cheddar which is a sweet, creamy and crumbly cheddar with a 24 month maturing process. It’s a cut above the usual mature cheddar I buy in the supermarket and has worked well in a number of recipes in the past few days including just a bog standard cheese and pickle sandwich. I decided to see how it complimented one of my favourite recipes, potato dauphinois, and I’m pleased to […]

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Positivity With Mini Babybel Light!

It’s hard to stay positive in the early part of the year despite alll our good intentions of a New Year’s resolution. The weather can be so dire and with dark mornings and early evening sun down there’s not much to make us feel great; Seasonal Affective Disorder can grip even the best of us and what we really need is to just take a leaf out of a child’s book, forget about diets and gym memberships and instead make our […]

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Rain Wear With Hatley!

A couple of week’s ago Florence got a brand new rain coat and rain boots from Hatley! Pillar box red and chosen entirely by her she is absolutely thrilled with them (what little girl wouldn’t be?) and has been waiting eagerly for a day with rain where she could wear them to their full potential. She’s been wearing them regardless of weather though, it has to be said and even to a friend’s birthday party – she couldn’t be dissuaded! […]

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Stick Man, Lives In The Family Tree And Now You Can Catch Him On DVD!

We can honestly say that Stick Man by Julia Donaldson (and Axel Scheffler who illustrates) is one of our favourite books ever. We first read it to Florence as a baby and then when she was a little older we took her to the theatre at Christmas time to see the live show. This then became a bit of a family tradition and we’ve been every year since! We LOVE Stick Man! And I am sure this is the case […]

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#Ginuary Celebrations Aren’t Over With 31Dover – Plus WIN A Special Bottle of Elephant Sloe Gin!

Looking at my drinks collection and it tells me I’m somewhat of a drinks fan. I haven’t even got my whole collection out at the moment because I’m mid house move and some of my faves have already been packed away. I’m rather partial to the tipple though so had to keep some faves out!   While some people embarked on dry January after the excesses of Christmas I am more of a Ginuary type person – don’t laugh it’s an […]

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Oddball And The Penguins – Review!

Today we took a little jaunt into central London (while I can still call it a little jaunt, before we move and it becomes a mammoth journey) for a special preview screening of the upcoming film Oddball And The Penguins. It’s such a cute film about a Maremma sheepdog who becomes a guardian to an endangered colony of Australia’s penguins and we all thought it was fantastic. So fantastic in fact that we didn’t stop talking about it all the […]

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