Rain Wear With Hatley!

A couple of week’s ago Florence got a brand new rain coat and rain boots from Hatley! Pillar box red and chosen entirely by her she is absolutely thrilled with them (what little girl wouldn’t be?) and has been waiting eagerly for a day with rain where she could wear them to their full potential. She’s been wearing them regardless of weather though, it has to be said and even to a friend’s birthday party – she couldn’t be dissuaded!

Red, red, red with new Hatley rain boots and coat!
Red, red, red with new Hatley rain boots and coat!

They’re absolutely gorgeous and go perfectly with each other making them a very stylish combo but they’re also extremely practical! While the wellies have a handle and are super thick the coat has a detachable hood (which can be poppered on and off easily) and a gorgeously striped terry lining making the coat warm and cosy! Waterproof, machine washable, PVC free and can be done up easily by little hands with big snap up poppers in matching colours.

I think you’ll just have to agree, this coat and boot duo is simply gorgeous, no wonder she wants to wear them all the time!

Hatley 6Hatley 1Hatley 7

Hatley rain wear is gorgeous, very well made and with a distinctive look that appeals to children as well as their grown ups; you can tell a Hatley made product a mile off and we’ve always been fans. We have pyjamas that are so loved they’re well grown out of but the children still want to wear them and despite being too small and well washed they still look brightly colourful and not at all worn out. When you buy Hatley clothes you buy quality and this is why I always will! I also love how they started out as a really small family company in Canada and over 20 years later, handed down to the founder couple’s three sons, it’s still a family run business, only a little more world-wide famous these days. They have a great story of how the company began and how it’s come to be what it is today and this sort of story always makes me feel more positively about buying from someone!

We were sent the Hatley girl’s rain coat and rain boots for the purpose of an honest review.