Easy Shopping For A Touch Of Retail Therapy!

In two week’s time it will be back to school and this means only one thing right now… Uniform shopping. I absolutely despise this element of the summer holidays because it has to be done now (or everything will sell out) and it has to be done in person (because kid’s uniform needs to be tried on and fit perfectly knowing that there’s no time to waste sending things back). Gah! It seems blooming unfair that a whole day of […]

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Beat Bugs For Netflix!

Saturday night saw me well and truly out out at a wild (for me) hen do I had organised for my cousin. Knowing that I had to be up early doors for a Netflix screening on Sunday I had decided to play it sensible and not drink too much or stay out too late… Oh dear… That never really works does it? At 2am when I was in a cocktail bar in Clapham, forgetting my 37 years and thinking I was about 20, some sort of sensibility […]

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Project MC2 Season 2 on Netflix And The New Experiments Doll Range!

Have you met the Netfilx heroines McKeyla McAlister, Adrienne Attoms, Bryden Bandweth and Camryn Coyle – who make up Project Mc2? We hadn’t until last week but, after our first impressions, we are now firm fans! Not only of the show (which is awesome girl power at its best) but of the new dolls to go with the series too! Project Mc2 follows the girl who are on a (secret) mission – to make sure tween girls (and boys) know that it’s […]

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Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Sausages – Home Made Sausage Rolls Recipe!

I love summer food with the picnics and BBQs. There’s something really quite lovely about al fresco dining and yes, I know we can never rely on the good old British weather but we can certainly rely on good old British foodie staples so why wouldn’t we enjoy them come rain or shine? We’ve been known to BBQ under a brolly probably more often than not because frankly, we don’t want to miss out just because it’s a little damp and […]

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The Secret Life Of Pets – Blossom And Fuzzy The Kittens!

Blossom and Fuzzy are our new pets. To introduce them properly I should probably give you their full names which are Princess Blossom Petal and Fuzzy Wuzzy Tiddles. Don’t ask… Let’s just say allowing the 4 and 6 year old to name them played a massive part in their bonkers monikers! They are lovely but very, very naughty! We can forgive them their food stealing, curtain climbing and claw sharpening on any object they shouldn’t because… Well, they’re SO cute! […]

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Kidloland App – Review!

I do know a few families who are absolutely set against their children playing on tablets but for me, I’m afraid, I can’t be one of them. It’s all terribly worthy and just as lovely as the families who don’t have televisions because they don’t believe in spending time watching the box when they could be outside and I get it, I do, but… Just like I’m never going to knit my own yogurt pot, I’m also never going to […]

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Camp Bestival Memories From 2016 And The 2017 Early Bird Tickets Are OUT!

This time last week we were on our way home from the most fabulous weekend at Camp Bestival. It was our third year in a row at the festival which broke my camping cherry and became so dear to us that we talk about it for the whole year and it was the very best yet – no lies! The children (and I) look forward to going months ahead of time and because every year we camp along side our […]

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Celebrate the long-awaited release of Finding Dory with Crocs – WIN a pair of Finding Dory Crocs, cinema tickets and goodies!

#FindYourFun with Finding Dory prizes, courtesy of Crocs We are desperate to see the film ‘Finding Dory’ and as soon as we have a spare moment (and a rainy day – we couldn’t sit in the cinema if the sun was shining) we are booking up and going to see it. If we hadn’t already been looking forward to the film, finding out that Ellen (that’s what we call her, just a first name as if we’re mates) is Dory’s […]

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