PrimEVIL – Norfolk’s Biggest Scare Experience!

PrimEVIL – Norfolk’s Biggest Scare Experience! It’s October so what does that mean to those of us who like to festively decorate for every occasion?! Halloween! YES! In just a couple of week’s my village will be dressed up like a giant pumpkin and the kiddos get to safely go trick or treating in their neighbourhood while giggling their way around and not actually being scared at all… But what if you’re a big kid and you DO want a bit of a […]

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Little Tikes Stem Jr Launch!

Little Tikes STEM Jr Launch! Last weekend the kiddos and I attended the launch party for the new Little Tikes StEM Jr range at the Museum of Childhood (one of our fave old haunts in London) and we had an absolute blast! The range is geared for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 and though only Jimmy is in this age range from the Rocknrollerbaby brood we found that Florence and Raffie loved elements of it too proving […]

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Ministry Of Science!

Ministry of Science came to Norwich Theatre Royal yesterday and the big kids and I caught the evening performance which was a science show like no other we’ve seen (and we’ve seen quite a few thanks to our love of the Science Museum in London)! Ministry of Science brings scientific experiments live to the stage in what can only be described as a roller coaster of fun! They say to keep your head firmly on your shoulders, and your arms, legs […]

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The Merifor Felicity Mattress – Review!

I wonder if we are ever as obsessed with sleep, our own and other people’s, as when we have children? I seem to have spent the last eight years revolving around getting people to sleep on time, not allowing people to go to sleep in the wrong moment and making sure people are worn out or refreshed enough so that they will comply with the above. And the reason I do all this? So that I myself can get a […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are One Year Old!

Dearest Raffie. You are one year old! My tiny, tiny baby you are still, yet in the blink of an eye you are now one! You fill me with joy little one and it’s been an absolute pleasure enjoying every single second of your first year while I am so looking forward to all the other moments in the years to come my beautiful little one. You light our family up, you are the one we’d all been waiting for and you […]

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What To Do In Brighton?!

What To Do In Brighton?! Say Brighton and automatically the beach springs to mind but there’s so much more to Brighton and Hove than the pebbles. Shop small perusing the famous Brighton Lanes, take a ride on the Brighton Wheel of Excellence or have a picnic in the gardens surrounding the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and you’re a world away from the beach yet still with that soothing salty air kissing you good morning. Wander into town and […]

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