Halloween Half Term 2018!

Halloween Half Term 2018! First of all it doesn’t seem right that half term is over because it all happened too quickly and secondly, it’s not even Halloween yet so I’m absolutely sure that by rights the kids should still be off… Alas, they went back today leaving me and the Raff feeling more than a little longing for their company and reflecting on a truly fab week off together. Well, a really it was 11 days as they had […]

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Fitbit For The Whole Family!

Fitbit For The Whole Family! I remember my first step counter costing about £2. It came from argos and clipped onto my belt. It was rather hit and miss for actually calculating the exact number of steps I took and it was not even reliable for staying about my person. It fell off and got misplaced so many times it really wasn’t worth having but such items have come on with technology so much since then that I almost wish […]

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Foreo Mikro Dentist!

Foreo Mikro Dentist! I’m going to level with you here, teeth brushing in this house doesn’t always feel like the easiest of tasks. The big kids have long gone past the point of accepting my help with the brushing and I’m not sure that Jimmy is terribly good at doing it himself, while the tiny one and his 6 very new teeth do not display signs of pleasure when the toothbrush comes out twice a day. Florence is pretty good about […]

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Secrets Of Science With Project Mc2!

Secrets Of Science With Project Mc2! Chances are if you have a daughter of a certain age you will have heard of the Netflix show Project Mc2! I’m not saying boys can’t enjoy it, far from it because Jimmy is a massive fan but actually I think he may not have given it a go if it hadn’t been for his sister watching! I think girls are drawn to it because the cast list is a gaggle of super brainy, […]

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Bewilderwood’s Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade!

BeWILDerwood’s Glorious Glowing Lantern Parade! Since Florence was teeny tiny we’ve never missed the Glorious Glowing Lantern parade at BeWILDerwood for their October Halloween half term extravaganza. Even last year with a 3 week old Raffie and my slow recovery from a c-section and we still made it. We didn’t go until late in the day because the parade doesn’t start until after the sun goes down but we just had to make sure we were there for at least […]

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Willows Activity Farm Halloween Half Term!

Willows Activity Farm Halloween Half Term! Willows is just about our favourite farm ever! It used to take us about half an hour to get there from East London but we still travel the two hours it takes now from our new house in Norfolk because… Well, you would have to visit to truly get an idea about why we love it so but for now you’ll have to take my word for it, the place is BRILLIANT! Ok, so […]

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The Science Museum Wonderlab!

The Science Museum Wonderlab! We have long been fans of the Science Museum, just one of the many free resources London has on offer. It literally doesn’t cost a penny to get in (you can make a donation) and there is SO much to see and do that why wouldn’t you want to visit, child or adult?! We also particularly like this museum as an added extra because down in the basement (which also has a great hands on area […]

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Ascarium At Sea Life London Aquarium This Halloween!

If you’ve not been to the Sea Life London Aquarium then you really must – you’d think being in the heart of the Captial City, on the Southbank no less, that it might be a bit of a stretch for a Sea Life centre but actually you’ll be really surprised. It’s actually my favourite one of all that we have visited and the shark tank is something else – so scary in fact that Jimmy has to run through a […]

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Where To Visit In Kent And Sussex!

Where To Visit In Kent And Sussex! My Mum grew up in Kent, the garden of England, and likes to go back from time to time for days out and little stay-cations so that she can visit all the haunts she loved when she was little. We’ve taken the children there with her on a few occasions now and stayed in both Kent and its neighbouring county Sussex for some exploring and family fun and would highly recommend it as […]

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What Really ARE The Best Buys For A New Baby?!

What Really ARE The Best Buys For A New Baby?! Raffie turned one this week (I know right, HOW?!) and it got me thinking that in the past 12 months there’s been quite a few things that we’ve used for him ever since the day he was born thus making them my absolute best of the best new baby buys! If something exceeds past when it says it should (Polarn O. Pyret clothing I bow down to you) or just […]

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