Foreo Mikro Dentist!

Foreo Mikro Dentist!

I’m going to level with you here, teeth brushing in this house doesn’t always feel like the easiest of tasks. The big kids have long gone past the point of accepting my help with the brushing and I’m not sure that Jimmy is terribly good at doing it himself, while the tiny one and his 6 very new teeth do not display signs of pleasure when the toothbrush comes out twice a day. Florence is pretty good about doing it and not a worry but the boys… Well, I think it’s fair to say there’s a lot of crying, a bit of shouting and not a lot of brushing that goes on. I’ve been especially worried about the baby because in the end I just let him chew the toothbrush, giving in and conceding that he is strong willed and determined despite my persistence every time. I’ve been so concerned that we aren’t cleaning his teeth properly and worried about what to do about it. When FOREO asked if I’d like to come into their pop up shop last week and speak to their dentist on demand Dr Mark Hughes I was well up for it!

The party was lots of fun for the littles and really got my two interested in finding out about their teeth and how they should be cleaning them!

Mark is a Harley Street dentists and FOREO ambassador and I asked him if this toothbrush chewing and reluctance is normal. He said that if there’s some toothpaste on the brush and Raffie is chewing then they will be being cleaned and this did somewhat calm me about the whole process. The main thing is choosing the right toothbrush which won’t hamper their oral hygiene and he recommended the FOREO ISSA mikro which is especially for tiny ones, even as young as Raff. If they have teeth then they need to be brushed and FOREO toothbrushes, all of them, create a gingival massage using sonic pulses which will help thicken gum tissue and assist a resistance to bacterial infections. Who’d have thought an electric toothbrush for babies would be the answer?! It never would have crossed my mind but actually it all makes perfect sense and if anything is much more intriguing for him to want to use it. With a study that shows 48% of three to five year olds having some form of tooth decay it’s really important to get this right and the soft silicon bristles are much hardier than normal toothbrush bristles which means the chewing can be withstood!

They make toothbrushes for the whole family at FOREO!

This is also very helpful with my six year old Jimmy, like me he is a toothbrush chewer and we go through so many ordinary brushes it’s ridiculous!My bigger kids have been using the FOREO ISSA Mini 2 and I think they are not only feeling much more grown up with an electric toothbrush but the bristles are really so hardy they are withstanding the chew and cleaning their teeth in a much more positive way. The gentle pulsations provide an effective clean and gum massage but as there is no rotating head it’s much easier for a child to get to grips with. I also LOVE that they have a 265 day charge… That’s always the issue for me with electric toothbrushes, we never remember to charge them and they get left by the wayside, I can see this is going to be a much added plus in the not having to remember, well… Only once every 8 months or so!

The FOREO Mikro!

Are they expensive? yes they are however they are nowhere near as expensive as dental treatment in adulthood and if you don’t look after little teeth when they are little then big teeth will be much more costly come later in life. I think we know so much about looking after our teeth now and it’s really important to follow the rules – a good brush is paramount!

  • As well as choosing the right sonic brush Dr Mark Hughes recommends brushing for the right amount of time – 2 minutes each time! Over a quarter of people only brush for a minute and that’s just not going to cut it! Use a timer or the FOREO Mikro and minis have this inbuilt with a smiley face when your time is completed!
  • Visit the dentist regularly – it’s easy to forget or put it off but Mark says the dentist can spot a problem before it occurs and will be able to help prevent things getting worse. I know we are due a visit and I’ve been putting it off for finding the time to do it but it’s a must and I will book for asap!
  • Make brush time fun says Dr Hughes – choose a fun and brightly coloured brush like the ones in the FOREO range and maybe brush a teddy’s teeth as well – bears need good clean teeth too!
  • Get into the routine he says… You can incorporate the FOREO brushes into bath time as they are totally waterproof and this frankly makes sense for a mum too as it can be a messy process! If they know this is what we do then, then they will always do it and without being asked or thinking!
My three with their new FOREO toothbrushes!

Jonny and I too have FOREO brushes and are finding them so easy to use as well as making our teeth feel really clean! I mentioned I’m a bristle biter, I usually find the bristles on my brush start to fall out after a couple of weeks but the silicon is much hardier and I’m loving using them. We all have different colours and they’re proving great for us as a family – you can buy them at John Lewis and Boots and the best thing is that the heads should last for about 9 months before you have to change them! Fab!

Thanks to FOREO for inviting us to find out more about your toothbrushes and talk to Dr Mark – very insightful!