Secrets Of Science With Project Mc2!

Secrets Of Science With Project Mc2!

Chances are if you have a daughter of a certain age you will have heard of the Netflix show Project Mc2! I’m not saying boys can’t enjoy it, far from it because Jimmy is a massive fan but actually I think he may not have given it a go if it hadn’t been for his sister watching! I think girls are drawn to it because the cast list is a gaggle of super brainy, cool and fun girls who are the smartest heroines on a mission! They work for the government protecting the world using all things S.T.E.A.M (that’s science, technology, engineering, art and maths) and they do it in a way that’s cool too! There’s nothing nerdy about this group of friends! They’re great role models for any little girl and I’m pleased that they are enticing both my big two into learning about all things science! We’ve had a bit of a science theme these past few weeks because basically, experiments are mega fun! It’s not all boring labs in the back room at school anymore – oh no! Science is about big bangs, dry ice, lazer beams… Science is COOL!

To launch the new series of toys to go with the Project Mc2 programme we were invited to Duck and Dry just off Oxford Street to have a pamper with hair dos, make some lipstick (using science) with MDM Flow, enjoy yummy food created by The Social Kitchen and generally have an AWESOME time playing with the toys which Florence and Jimmy LOVED! They made perfume and make up and pampering products following the instructions and using the new kits! And they loved it! They came away with some of the collection to play with at home too and even though we arrived really late Florence was desperate to get them out and play straight away!

Making perfume with one of the new Project Mc2 kits!
Little brothers are also VERY interested when the experiments are this cool!
They also rather like very Instagrammable indoor swings with flowers – although maybe not as much as their Mummy!
We had a great time at the party getting our hair done!
Enjoying the delicious food!
What a spread!
The Social Kitchen know how to make a party!
And when your hair gets put in a mohawk it’s a good day!
Science is so inspiring for kids and when it combines make-up… Well! Here’s our Florence with Florence from MDM Flow making lipstick at the Project Mc2 party!

The toys are all very reasonably priced at Smyths Toys at the moment and we reckon they’d make an excellent Christmas present – way more than just a gimmick this merch has loads of play appeal and the longevity of them goes on and on as you can create the experiments in the book to the letter and then you can off piste and do your own! Fab!

Lovely launch party!

What a hit! Smart really IS the new cool!