37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term!

37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term!

Well it’s been a long time coming this full term malarkey and not knowing if I’d get here or not due to my low hormone level has been worrying but here I am, I’ve been pregnant in my whole life for a total of 3 years, and I’m done. Baby, you can come any time now please!

I have put on a bit of weight but not anywhere near as much as usual and I know I will lose it quickly this time which pleases me greatly. It really has been important to me and I feel lumbering and like I can’t wait to feel normal again and slim and trim and like I can breathe when I lie down because currently I can’t and I do like to sleep lying down while continuing to keep living!

I have a bump cast to do before the baby comes, a wall to paint and some stuff to buy/clothes to sort out. I have a very special new pram coming soon and a car seat of dreams. What else does the baby need.

I might need to pack my hospital bag now too I suppose… Oh 4th babies are a whole different ball game. I wonder when it will eat its first Macca D’s? Ha ha…

It’s an odd time, I’m making light, it will be rubbish not being able to share baby K the 4th with all his or her grandparents straight away and I wish things were normal but we can’t wait to welcome our 4th (and final I assume) addition to our little (big really) clan! We might not have enough STUFF organised but we all have enough love to share and I can’t wait to give some of mine to him or her (while enjoying a glass of 3 of Prosecco)!

Come on baby, we want you world side now, Mummy is too freaked out by the moving inside to enjoy it anymore (but as is my prerogative I will moan and say I miss the bump – I know me)!

37 Weeks Pregnant!