Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Two!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week Two!

Second week and we are getting a little bit more into an equilibrium. I remember it took a couple of weeks to adjust last time and we absolutely loved it in the end with all the family time so I’m trying to focus on that and try to recreate a similar atmosphere. We’ve re-established P.E with Joe Wicks although not every day, been out for family walks and tried our hardest to embrace a winter lockdown as hard as we did the summer. It IS harder in the winter and that goes for everything including home school but we HAVE to make the most of it!

I feel most sorry for Raffie who has missed out on having me at home just with him both before the baby comes and just in general so I have been trying to focus on fun activities for him – that was my philosophy last week and am trying to continue it because he really loves doing things at home and we absolutely can make a nursery feel even if he is missing out on friends. He is, on the other hand, developing a wonderful relationship with Jimmy and watching the pair of them together is beautiful both while they work on home school activities like baking and when they relax “after school” making dens and watching TV!

Florence has continued to work hard because that’s her and Jimmy has found that while the set school work doesn’t always inspire him he enjoys other on line lessons which are a bit more interactive and visual. Jonny has been helping him as the lessons he is setting his own class are a lot more hands on rather than questions and answers like Jimmy’s. I wrote about home schooling in my EDP column this week and was asked to contribute to Good Morning Britain as a result – this actually got bumped in the end but am hoping to make my TV debut with them very soon!

The pregnancy is now racing along (like it only does at the end as opposed to the drag of the first two trimesters) and I continue to worry about giving birth in these restricted times. Am trying not to thinks about it too much!

Here’s some of our week’s highlights!

We had a home ec class and baked ginger bread!
Both boys loved it!
It’s all quite hard when you have to be quiet as well as home schooling – Daddy was recording remote lessons and we had to shhh!
A little relax for the Knowles brothers at the end of the “school day”!
Lots of exercise!
Even in the cold!
A family photo!
We finally decorated the ginger bread biscuits!
So that ended up being two classes in one!
So maybe we will do more cookery next week seeing as it’s been such a hit!
I hit 37 weeks pregnant which is full term!
Which I think the current baby of the bunch might be struggling with – he will get the main attention don’t worry! I always try to make sure the big kids get the fuss when there’s a new baby as the new baby will never know!
We went to the local Roman ruins for a bit of a history lesson!
And enjoyed a bit more of the great cold outdoors!
Saturday gave us snow, something Raffie hasn’t seen since he was 4 months old!
The big kids, especially Jimmy, were THRILLED!
Raffie was dubious from the off!
We went sledging but he was not at all keen!
We tried to entice him!
But he was having none of it!
Jimmy was the exact opposite!
And Florence had a great time too!
But nothing was to conivince the Raff!
Even the idea of building a snowman!
And sledging was left to the older kids and Jonny!
At least they had lots of fun!
No face could depict his feelings about this situation more!
We left Devil’s Drop (at the UEA by Gram’s house) and he cried all the way home!
Cheered slightly by a different type of snowman in hot chocolate!
And eventually he cheered up but it took a while. I don’t think Raffie will be asking for a snow day any time soon!
Sunday we attempted to do a DIY bump cast!
It did NOT work!
And The Family Presents (four family activities) arrived for January – I won them in a competition and have them coming monthly for the whole year – couldn’t have been timed better and I hope will make home school lots of fun!