Signs You Should Get A Dog

Signs You Should Get A Dog

Getting a dog is a massive commitment and one which should never be taken lightly. However, there may come a time in your life where you think that getting your first pet is the right call. 

Since the pandemic hit, a lot of people have adopted pets and sadly a lot of people have abandoned them again – and this is why you need to know the signs that you are actually ready to have a dog. 

Today we want to share some of the signs that you will see that will tell you it is time to bring a dog into your family.

You love animals 

The main factor in getting a pet always has to be love. If you are someone who loves animals and have always loved dogs in particular, this is a good sign and can make a big impact on your decision. Loving animals is a brilliant trait and those who do are often the most compassionate and caring – if you love animals and want the pitter patter of furry feet in your home, you could consider adopting. 

You love being outdoors 

One of the things you must be aware of when getting a dog is that they need a lot of exercise and enjoy being in the fresh air. If you are naturally a very outdoorsy person and spent a lot of your free time hiking or going out in nature then a dog is the ideal companion. If this is what you already do each day, it shouldn’t impact your lifestyle to have a dog come along for the ride. 

You have expendable income 

One of the important factors of pet ownership that people don’t tend to consider is the cost. You can click here to see the cost of dog food; you need to consider pet insurance; bedding and furniture; equipment; and toys. There are a lot of costs involved in getting a dog so make sure that you take these into account and take the time to go through your bank account to see if you are financially viable. If you have a lot of expendable income and enough to cover this easily – this is a good sign. 

You have experience 

It is important as a dog owner that you have the experience of dog ownership to back you up. Owning a dog is hard work and dogs require a specific level of care to keep happy. You also need to be willing to pick up poo and sick and all those other jobs that aren’t as glamorous. Having experience helps in this arena because you will already know what you are getting into. 

You know how to groom 

It is so important for you to groom your dog now and again to keep their coat and their skin healthy. Some dog breeds such as poodles and huskies will need more grooming than others – and if you already know this then it’s great sign. If you don’t know, it’s easy to learn with some study and practice. It is important to be ready for weekly grooming with certain breeds of dog and understand how to keep them healthy.