Ways to Get Out and About with Your Pets: A Guide

Ways to Get Out and About with Your Pets: A Guide

We can safely say that out of any year we have experienced so far, 2020 is one that has led us to spend more time than ever indoors, and in turn, spending more time than ever with our beloved pets. While there were things out there to distract us and allowed us to pass the time throughout lockdown – thank you, Netflix, and Animal Crossing! – your pets were sure to have experienced some levels of boredom from not getting up to the mischief they usually would while you are at work.

If you are in the position where you are noticing that your pet is bored, it can be challenging to know how to make a difference and help them, especially as they cannot verbally say if something is working or not. That’s where we are here to help, for we have devised a list of ways for you to try when wanting to get your pet out and about with you in the coming months. Whether looking for ways to encourage slow pups and dogs or for our more exotic friends, there is something here for everyone! Get yourself comfortable and read on for more info.

Dogs and Puppies

One of the pets which require a high level of attention and exercise, dogs and puppies can get bored relatively quickly. Several different products on the market can be purchased for dogs and puppies, providing endless fun for them and you as a pet parent! While taking your dog for a daily walk is sure to get some of that pent up energy out, it can soon become monotonous for them, so why not mix it up a little?

By changing the route, including some running intervals – which are also useful for keeping in shape – and by going to different places that you usually wouldn’t, you are sure to alleviate any boredom that your dog might be experiencing going on the same walk repeatedly. Dogs learn their routines quickly, which is sure to contribute towards their boredom levels; by mixing up their patterns, you keep things interesting. Consider getting some different toys to take on the walks with you, like that of the classic choice of a tennis ball and more tug-of-war style toys too. You might even meet some other pet parents and four-legged friends who want to share their toys or play with you!

Cats and Kittens

While walking dogs and puppies out and about is commonplace worldwide, nothing is stopping you from taking your cat out and about too! Particularly good if you have an indoor cat, devoted pet parents can pay for a specific cat-walking leash to take their kitty out and about. Working in the same way as that of a dog leash, you will be sure to catch some exciting looks and have heads turning by walking your cat out and about!

Furthermore, if you have a particularly lazy kitty, consider purchasing a cat backpack. Fitted with a breathable window and plenty of room to move about, you can take your cat around with you, without them having to do any walking or exploring; perfect for troublesome cats who escape often! Go about your day-to-day errands or go hiking with your cat. The choice is entirely yours. We can rest assured that whatever you choose to do will be fun for both you and your cat!

Exotic Pets


There will be some lucky people out there who either have a horse as a pet or have access to one to look after, giving the impression that you own them. It can be much more difficult to do fun things with a larger pet than most, but that does not mean that it is impossible! There are several varieties of equestrian equipment and products on the market, for horses big and small, including products suitable for taking your horse for a walk, the same way you would a dog! Testing out new saddles, reigns, and other products with your horse is sure to be a lot of fun for the pair of you while allowing you to spend some quality time with your beloved horse. Equi Supermarket provides equestrian fans all over with all that they need for primary care of their ponies and beyond. If you are interested in perusing the selections that they have available, head to their website for more!

Lizards and Reptiles

The kings of the exotic pet world, there are more people than ever getting a bearded dragon or gecko for their homes. It can be challenging to know what you can do for your reptile, especially as they are very particular about what they like and how things are within their routine. Bearded dragons, however, notoriously love getting out and about and are sure to enjoy a walk with their pet parent like any other animal would! Using a snug-fitting harness, you can take your lizard for a walk in the great outdoors, something which is sure to be fun for both of you!

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