Watch Your Children Grow Into Outdoor Play With A Multi-Layered Garden

Watch Your Children Grow Into Outdoor Play With A Multi-Layered Garden

If they’re in a position to enjoy it, any family will benefit from outside space. As well as providing untold educational opportunities for kiddies, the sheer promise of some greenery and a bit of mud is guaranteed to keep them happy during a day at home. 

That said, not all gardens are created equal where youngsters are concerned, and a blank patch of lawn is certainly going to struggle to keep them amused. By comparison, multi-layered gardens can seem like mazes of continual wonder and amazement.

While you will, of course, want to consider safety with additions such as fences and gates, a well-planned multi-layered setup can lead to hours of entertainment. As well as ensuring that your child loves spending time outside (what parent wouldn’t want that?), this guarantees you always have something new to show them. Young kids, especially, won’t be able to get enough!

But, you don’t need to take our word for it. Here, we’re going to consider why a multi-layered garden could be good for you, and what you need to do to make it work for your family. 

#1 – An opportunity to enhance outdoor educations

The chance to teach your kids about the world is the best thing about having a decent garden. Nothing beats the wonder on their faces as they learn about everything from flowers through to wildlife. What’s more, the interactive nature of outdoor learning means they’ll probably remember those lessons forevermore!

A layered garden is especially useful from an educational perspective as it provides the opportunity to introduce way more environments than you would in a typical lawn. You could try using railway sleepers to segment anything from a patio area to a veg patch. Or, you could use landscaping to introduce layers that contain varying types of plants. You could even take this chance to introduce a wild section into your otherwise manicured outside space. Either way, your kids will surely learn a lot more. 

#2 – A guaranteed way to keep your kids safe

While a poorly planned multi-layered outdoor space can be bad news from a safety perspective, thinking ahead here could make for the safest garden you could hope for. This is especially the case if you have a large outdoor space. By segmenting each layer of your lawn with a fence, or simply building layers so high little legs can’t climb up them, you ensure your kids stay safe in the area you choose for them to play in. 

As well as providing you with a basic peace of mind, this is a fantastic way to ensure you can go wild with garden features that are typically out of bounds for parents. By placing additions like ponds, fountains, and even pools, up high, you can quite literally have your garden cake and eat it without once needing to worry about your youngsters.

#3 – Sanity when you’re trying to multitask

While young children should never be outside on their own, the chance to let slightly older kids play independently is fundamental to your sanity. The trouble is that, if your garden is a stretching expanse, you’ll need to head out every few minutes when your kids slip out of sight. By comparison, building your yard up means that there’s far less risk of your kids disappearing.

Rather, you’ll be able to create enclosed kids play areas, or simply sections of lawn where you know you’ll be able to see them no matter what they do. As well as enhancing their opportunities to get creative with outdoor play, this simple step could see you enjoying some rare me-time. You never know – you might even be able to sit on the patio and soak up some rays on sunny days!

#4 – The chance to create the garden of your dreams

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Kids come first, and they dictate everything from furniture choices to, you guessed it, garden design. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, and compromising decor dreams is a small price to pay for the joy kids bring. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the garden you’re after regardless?

The good news is that a layered option provides you with the opportunity to do just that. As mentioned, the ability to segment means that you can incorporate features that would otherwise be pretty risky. But, that’s not the only benefit you can enjoy. The space that a multi-layered approach provides is also well worth your consideration.

Ultimately, this type of gardening is the no-compromise way to get what you want. Whether you’re keen on pristine flower beds or a decking area to die for, layers mean that you can enjoy this and a kid-friendly area in one. Admittedly, a little expert help might be best to design layers that make the utmost use of your space. But, once you know what you want, making sure you get it couldn’t be easier once you get layers involved.

#5 – An outdoor space that grows as your kids do

Given the cost involved with any renovation, garden included, the chances are that you want your efforts here to last as long as possible. The trouble is that a flat, one-dimensional yard will barely fit that purpose. Certainly, older kids will struggle to find entertainment there.

By comparison, a garden across layers grows with your kids in the sense that it always has something else to offer. Once they’re old enough they can start moving around freely, or even take charge of keeping one layer up and together. Either way, you can bet the space won’t get old anytime soon.

A final word

Even if you rarely used your garden when you were young, free, and single, the chances are that you’ll head outside a whole lot more when you have a family. As such, you really can’t afford to neglect this space. Rather, you need to think about the best garden for your family, and a multi-layer setup may well be the solution you’re looking for.


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