Lockdown #3 Diary – Week One!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week One!

Here we are again, back in lockdown and writing a diary of it. They say that this is the third lockdown as technically we had one in the middle but really and truly, with restaurants, pubs and schools all open it wasn’t much of a lockdown, more of the government expecting more than people would be able to find themselves giving without firm rules. I’m not criticising, I think we probably became quite lax too. I mean we were still careful and didn’t travel more than about 20 miles to exercise and limited our shopping but we chose to have family for Christmas Day (we were allowed) when we could have chosen not to as lots did. We took what we were allowed I suppose and therein lies the problem and the reason numbers have soared putting us into a full lockdown, schools closed and back to PE with Joe to start the day.

Home school!

Last week was tricky with establishing the new normal again and straight after Christmas I’m not sure it felt much like a new lockdown and more an extension of the festivities which were, after Christmas Day, limited in the things we were allowed to do. School work was hard and having made the choice to keep mine off on Monday because they were open then but numbers were too high for my liking, the PM made the decision for everyone to close and go back to home school unless key worker or vulnerable children. Pubs, shops (unless essential), restaurants and trips out are all off the menu as they have been since Christmas but really the true note of lockdown is the kids being off as far as I’m concerned. And now we wait for things to get better as we to stick to the rules and hope we contribute positively.

Home school is one thing, home nursery a whole lot messier!

Home school is, as always, not my favourite thing and though Raffie could go into nursery as that provision IS allowed to remain open, we have chosen not to send him. Numbers where we live are particularly high so it’s not in his or our best interests when I can easily keep him home. I say easily, however as I type and watch Jimmy struggle with concentration Raffie is crying and wants to go to Gymboree. He understands it is closed because of “wock down” but what he understands of “wock down” is another story.

We have our fourth baby due in 3 weeks, he is struggling with a lot of change and it is him I feel most sorry for but I won’t send him in to nursery until numbers are considerably different on account of the fact I want my Mum to stay in our bubble and it’s too risky to her to allow any of the children to mix. Florence self schools for the most part and is very good having studied hard last week also for her exam to the high school she wants to go to. Jimmy hates us teaching him and doesn’t want to listen. Jonny is busy teaching his own class remotely and working on his home school lessons but is also helping our home school too – I am so grateful!

I had a scan last week which was rubbish, not as it should be and didn’t help at all in understanding if my pregnancy is going well. Maternity services are diabolical would be my interpretation and sure, down to COVID measures but I still think they could and should be better. For a first time mum it must be terrifying, it’s pretty frightening as a fourth timer too!
Florence, as always, is super easy when it comes to self learning and just gets in with it.
I still have to work of course and juggling is hard. I have two columns now, a weekly in the EDP and my fortnightly column for the Daily Star. I love my writing and am so grateful I have the jobs I do but working with home school in session isn’t easy. None of it is for anyone and I know I am luckier than most so am trying not to moan!

Being this heavily pregnant isn’t easy at the best of times and I am so concerned as to what will happen next. Thank goodness this lockdown we DO have my Mum in our bubble AND we have a holiday to look forward to with our larger family come the summer and, hopefully, better times coming.

Trying to spend time with Raffie on his own is easier thanks to my Mum in our bubble!
He has had fun but it’s not the same is it!
Trying to get the kiddos out for bike rides and walks is harder in the winter than it was earlier in the year and being pregnant makes that even harder!
We are trying to eat well in compensation!
Have some fun!
And enjoy treats where we can. Life is for living after all and all the PE with Joe surely allows a cake or two?!

Wish us luck for week two – it’s not the same in the winter, the darker and greyer days are not as inviting but we will make the most of it and I KNOW we will find enjoyment to because we have to and we are good at that. I will get back to capturing family pictures each week but last week was a whirlwind. We’ve bedded in, now we make it work!