Happy Christmas Holidays 2020, Happy New Year 2021 and HAPPY ELEVEN FLORENCE!

Happy Christmas Holidays 2020, Happy New Year 2021 and HAPPY ELEVEN FLORENCE !

Well, a strange Christmas to go hand in hand with a strange year left us not to badly off compared to others in the country. We have been tier 2 for the festivities meaning we could still have my Mum in our bubble and still have three households meet for the actual day which was lovely as we got to have Jonny’s sister and parents (technically as they are a bubble together that made us only two families)!

It wasn’t normal and it wasn’t what it could have been but it was lovely all the same and as ever I made sure that we made the best of it because really what else can we do when we have children who need to feel happy and normal and like the world is all ok and safe. That’s my job, to protect them from the bad things and it’s enough that Raffie says things like “we can go swimming again when the bad germs are clean” to make me know that that’s ALL they really need to know!

Here’s our best Christmas bits!

Our annual pic!
And the one which didn’t quite make the cut!
The calendars!
Arguing over who can put the star on the top of the tree!
Still not entirely sure who won?!
Florence didn’t get involved in that one and just did the bones of the decorating!
And it looked lovely!
We had some days out and of course wore lots of Christmas jumpers!
Christmas jumper day just before we broke up from school!
Raffie was a goat (old costume Gram made for Florence) in the nursery nativity!
The pantomime at the Theatre Royal was awesome and we were so lucky to have been able to go!
Thursford was so lovely!
This lot were brilliant!
Virtual theatre trips were awesome too!
OF COURSE there was a sickness bug – luckily not ON Christmas Day this year!
It maybe wasn’t as all singing as other years but we made the best of it and went on bike rides to the park despite the cold and muddy weather!
We baked!
I had a bump shoot with my friend Jenny!
Jonny and I celebrated 20 years together on Christmas Eve!
He bought me the most gorgeous ring!
And he wrote and recorded me the most wonderful song with the children!
And the children were excited on Christmas Eve to leave treats out for Father Christmas and see if he came!
We were all on the good list and with Father Christmas came family before tier 4 restrictions took over and we had a lovely day!
Followed by lots more lovely family days which were chilly but fun!
We went for bike rides in the countryside and walks on the beach and I felt grateful for my gang and the good fortune to live in Norfolk!
This gang made it for me and we had a lovely Christmas!

And then onto a new year!

Going into 2021 I feel positive and hopeful. A new baby is coming, my family is growing, the love will get stronger and bigger and more. These days have to be made happy ones because we have the luxury of being able to make them so. So, we will! And here’s hoping that in 2021 we all get the vaccine very quickly. I am so sick of hearing these idiots bleat on about not taking a vaccine because of whatever bonkers ideas they have – take the bloody vaccine and know that 100 years ago 1 in 5 children died from entirely preventable diseases they don’t die of now. That’s down to vaccines. If you don’t vaccinate then you are relying on the herd immunisation from everyone else which is selfish AND stupid. You don’t build natural immunity to things unless you GET things and you don’t want to GET things because they could kill you! Enough, madness has no place in my 2021 thank you very much!

Happy birthday Florence!

My girl in the days before her 11th birthday – a superstar of gorgeousness and we couldn’t be more proud of her!
The birthday girl looking so grown up!
Her fabulous cake made by Gram of course!
It was a beaut as always and she loved it!
Help blowing out the candles from a baby brother who wasn’t keen on it being someone else’s birthday!
We had a Chinese take away and a game of Monopoly!
Delicious cakes delivered by Get Snacked!
An exciting (as exciting as lockdown gets) trip to the drive thru Starbucks!
Breakfast was a fruit and chocolate fondue!
Lots of presents!
Doorstep visits!
Zooming with friends!
A to the minute she was born 11 years later picture with me (as always)!
And we saw in the New Year with tired eyes but each other so it was all we needed!

And of course with a new year in our family comes the birthday of the year for Florence. The day she looks forward to and really does have to wait ALL year for! My NYE baby gal turned 11. ELEVEN! I can’t believe it and with her poise and grace she could be years older than that. Sometimes I lok at her and wonder where she came from you know because she’s super grown up and wise and also the kindest person I know really. She is truly lovely inside and out and her beauty of face is absolutely reflected in her personality. I am so proud of her and she has big plans and ideas for this year I just hope come true for her. We are proud of her whatever, how could we not be? This year she has written the most fantastic stories and started a business selling bracelets (which is actually doing really well) and on top of that she has been the most gorgeous big sister to her brothers. She is our super girl and her birthday was, I hope despite lockdown, something she loved as much as she ever does. I hope we made it special for her because she totally deserved it!

And Jonny had his birthday too – not to be forgotten!

My boy turned 43 – we can never forget his birthday even though it always means pushing on through with one more big meal! All the birthdays and Christmas and fun!
More presents!
More food!
More cake!
Special breakfasts!
Table settings!
Rewritten signs!
Lots of love and laughter!

And then that was it. Christmas over. We ate (a lot), we drank (me the Gaviscon and Jonny managed to take one for the team on the rest of the drinks), we partied, celebrated, birthdayed, New Yeared and made the most of it. I think we are all now well and truly stuffed of food and ready for a health kick as we get ready to welcome this new baby into our family in just 4 weeks.

School is closed, all plans out the window and proper lockdown upon us. I will talk more about this in a diary of sorts as per. Good bye Christmas, birthdays, 2020 and hello another strange time. We will all get through it and out the other side. Time will bring more good times of that I am sure – positive pants well and truly on!

Raffie summing up the feels of the meals – we had too many and also that
Raffie summing up the feels of the meals – we had too many and also that it’s finished… We will miss the festivities very much!