4 Fun Things To Do In Your Baby’s First Year

4 Fun Things To Do In Your Baby’s First Year

The first year of life for your new baby is always one of the most exciting and mesmerizing years of their life. They develop so much within 12 months, and you’ll quickly wonder where time went and where your little baby has gone. 

Keeping that in mind, it’s a great idea to do as much as possible in this first year. You want to look back and remember your baby when they were as little as they’ve ever been – you won’t get to see them like this ever again! So, here are some fun things to do between your baby’s birth and first birthday:

Hand and footprint impressions

It’s always a brilliant idea to take impressions of your baby’s hands and feet while they’re little. You can do this at specific points in the year, or you can only do it once when they’re basically a newborn. Either way, it gives you a memory of them that can be preserved forever. There’s nothing better than getting the impressions out in a few years and seeing how tiny your baby used to be. They’ll be amazed by it when they’re older as well, so it’s such a beautiful thing to try. 

There are different ways you can do this depending on how messy or technical you want to get. The easiest way is to use paint and some plain paper, dipping your child’s hands and feet into the paint to create prints. You can then frame them and they’ll last forever! Alternatively you can buy kits that let you take proper impressions that solidify and create molds of your child’s feet and hands. They’re a bit more crafty and cooler to look at, but they are messier and more expensive – so the choice is yours. 

Take professional baby photos

Some people think that getting professional photos of your baby is a bit strange. They see it as a way of forcing your baby to do something they don’t really want to do. In reality, that’s a massive overreaction from someone whose never had a baby! As all parents know, there are few things better than taking pictures of your little one. With a baby photoshoot, it’s your chance to have some professional images taken that far surpass anything you can create with your camera. 

You can book these photoshoots pretty much anywhere, just look around for the photographer with the best reviews. If you want, you can get yourself and your kids involved too, creating lovely family photos. However, the main aim is to have some gorgeous pictures of your little baby when they’re a few months old. These photos will be kept and cherished forever, always making an appearance at birthdays when your child is all grown up!

Find their stuffed toy

Your baby is likely to receive a lot of stuffed toys during this first year – and for subsequent years – but you need to find their stuffed toy. We’re talking about the stuffed toy that they keep and hold all throughout their childhood. We all had one – whether it’s a teddy bear, a stuffed toy frog, or anything else – and we kept ours until we became too old to cuddle them. Truthfully, we all still have our first stuffed toy, we just don’t bring them out all the time! 

It’s such a sweet moment to find something that you will give to your child when they’re little, knowing that they will keep it with them all the time. Make sure they always have it when they’re a baby, and it’ll encourage them to keep it when they get older. 

Fill out a baby journal

This one is more for you, but it can be nice for your kids to read in the future. There are plenty of baby journals out there, and the idea is that you write things down as and when they happen. Some of them will have specific instructions for what you should put on each page. For example, there’s a page dedicated to the baby’s family, which you can fill with pictures of their parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc. This is really poignant as it can be a reminder of people they lost if some of the family members aren’t around when they get older. You can also have things like a picture of the baby’s first bath, etc. 

Journals are such a fantastic way of keeping track of everything during the first year of life, and they’re really fun to look back on in the future. 

There you go: four fun things to do in your baby’s first year. These little tasks and ideas will help you get the most out of this first year and create lots of memories that last forever.


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