Florence Is 12!

Florence Is 12!

Wow. My baby girl is 12 years old and just like that she’s gone from a tiny tot to a young woman. It really has felt like the blink of an eye since I had her strapped to me in a carrier or limpet like around my body for she couldn’t be parted from me. I miss those days but am also loving being with and enjoying the fantastic girl she has grown into and I am so excited for more to come.

Kindness in abundance, I never worry she will be anything but, and this girl has all she needs to be the best she can be. She is also super bright (got into the school of her dreams), super beautiful (just look at her) and super talented (in so many ways)! Florence is just glorious at 12 and we love her more that I could even describe. This is the girl who made me a Mummy and turned a light on inside me I didn’t know could shine so brightly. She is FANTASTIC!

Happy Birthday my big girl, still my baby always though- 12 today, how about that?!

A little Florence star for my Florence star’s present!
Chocolate fondue breakfast set up!
A Lotus Biscoff cake made by me!
The birthday sign and balloons!
Chocolate is a staple at this point in the holidays!
It went down well!
With everyone!
Even those not allowed near the chocolate!
A brilliant start to the day!
With a treasure hunt!
Cards and presents!
An iPad and pencil being the main ones!
A family game of bowling!
Even Posie joined in!
We played for fun, not to win!
Well most of us did!
The boys were very competitive!
It was off to The Rooftop gardens for lunch!
Which was just lovely!
With delicious food!
And drinks – mocktail city!
Sat in the winter sunshine!
In a lovely setting!
Gram joined us!
We could see Florence’s school!
Raffie enjoyed the dessert!
Well, who wouldn’t, look at Florence’s cake which came with a birthday fountain!
Great for children!
This was a kid’s steak would you believe?!
Florence went Cajun chicken burger!
We had a sharing starter!
And loaded fries!
Raffie’s pizza!
A lovely place to eat!
Good for the whole family!
And just what the birthday girl wanted!
More presents followed!
Then a New year’s Eve party combined with partying for our girl!
We had the cake!
And at twenty to midnight, the time she was born, we had our picture!
Me and my girl, 12 years to the minute she was born! Happy birthday Flobo!

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