5 Awesome Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day

5 Awesome Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day

Many of us spend hour after hour browsing online to find the perfect gift for the dad in our lives. With Father’s Day just around the corner, rather than splashing out a fortune on gifts, going down the sentimental route and buying a personalised gift can be a thoughtful touch that your dad is sure to remember. To give you inspiration, here are 5 awesome personalised gifts for Father’s Day.

Personalised Chocolate

If your dad is a sweet lover and enjoys gorging on chocolate, what better way to say happy Father’s Day than his own personalised chocolate? Most packaging enables you to write up to 14 characters of your choice. However, it’s important that you do some research into the types of chocolate your dad loves to ensure you get it just right.

Personalised Mug

In the UK, it’s safe to say we are a nation of tea and coffee lovers. With 95 million cups of coffee and 165 million cups of tea being consumed each day, another great Father’s Day gift to consider is a personalised mug. You can write your own personal and unique message that can be put onto the mug, making it one of the most practical presents that your dad is sure to use and enjoy every day, serving as a constant reminder of how fantastic he is.

Coffee lovers will appreciate!

Personalised Show Plates

If your dad is a car enthusiast, it’s likely that he will already have all the cool gadgets and tools to keep his car in tip top shape, so if you’re wanting to add a sentimental touch to your Father’s Day gift, why not go down the route of a personalised show plate? You can visit websites like Number 1 Plate who provide show number plates as well as road legal personalised plates. Click here for more information on show plates and how you can create your own custom plates for show. Number 1 Plates also sell accessories that your dad may not already have.

Personalised Beard Grooming Kit

If your dad is rocking a beard, keeping it well-groomed and trimmed will be at the top of his list. There are lots of personalised beard grooming kits that allow you to write your own special message that your dad is sure to cherish. Known as the ultimate gift for the modern bearded man, many beard grooming kits come equipped with beard oil, balm, a brush, and a travel bag. So, the most important man in your life can take his set with him wherever he is in the world.

Jonny always grows a beard on holiday and at Christmas – so that’s another good time to pick him up beardy gifts!

Personalised Wallet

If your dad uses a wallet, it’s likely that it will be one of his most prized possessions. Housing all his money, cards, and sentimental photos, you may want to consider buying a personalised wallet for your loved one. When it comes to picking the material, it’s best to pay for good quality leather which will stand the test of time and mean your dad takes it from his pocket with pride.

Instead of spending a fortune on gifts that your dad may not want, nor appreciate, buying gifts that allow you to add your own personal message can have more meaning. If you’re struggling to find the best present, all the suggestions listed above should help give you inspiration.

Father’s Day last year involved a trip to the zoo – we will have to be more creative with the presents this year instead!