Have You Tried The Moonpig App?!

Have You Tried The Moonpig App?!

Last Thursday I was invited by Moonpig to their influencer party (remote of course) to learn all about the Moonpig app, how to use it and what they have on offer for sending out a bit of love through the post!

All ready with the bits and pieces I needed for a party in my bedroom on Zoom hosted by Moonpig – those guys know how to party! We made cocktails, learned how to flower arrange and got to know the Moonpig app too!

Now, I have to be honest and say by the end I was a bit squiffy (we learned how to make cocktails as part of the party – they had to be drunk of course) so I might not be as on the ball as I should be when it comes to remembering the night. However, thankfully with a Zoom meeting you can watch it back afterwards – hurrah! I love a good cocktail (who doesn’t?!) and having someone who really knows how to make them gets any party off to a brilliant start don’t you think?! Bar Brothers are event bars that can pop up with experienced bar tenders wherever you need them – more home parties?! Oh yes please!

I downloaded the Moonpig app for the first time during the meeting as had previously only used the website. We were talked through the special features of ordering a card which include being able to add your own hand writing (simply photograph and scan and the app does the rest) and being able to see exactly what the card will look like in your room by virtual reality imagery – amazing! These features are not available for Android users just yet but they will be soon and I think they are absolutely brilliant! Not being able to add a handwritten note to a card is literally the only element I’m not keen on when it comes to sending a card in this way and now Moonpig have that covered!

Lockdown for me has really encouraged me to be a better card sender by pure fluke really. I wanted to send my Mum a birthday card in April but couldn’t go into a shop to choose one so this service was the only thing I could do. I’d not bought a card on line for years but now I think it will not only be my new normal for lockdown but my new normal forever! I am absolutely notorious for not remembering to send a card (the Moonpig app will remind me of people’s special dates) and even when I do manage to remember a card and even to buy a stamp on some occasions, I generally then forget to put it in the post box. With Moonpig they do the sending for you, all you have to do is choose from one of their many, many cards (broken down into categories thankfully or you can search for something specific), personalise it (which takes seconds), add photographs… Whatever you want and off it goes, with a stamp and no longer lurking in your handbag reminding you how crap you are at this!

Learning about the Moonpig app!

It’s a game changer for me and of course an absolutely amazing way of sending cards and gifts (I haven’t mentioned the gifts yet have I?!) during lockdown.

So… Gifting… Novelties, nibbles, fun things, bath things, love things… Flowers (of which I was sent a MASSIVE bunch to do some flower arranging with) and alcohol (again, was sent some – YUM!) can all be sent through the post at the touch of a button. If you’re REALLY bad (again, not unlike me) and STILL don’t remember to send a card in time they even do e-cards! Phew. I have this morning sent my brother a birthday card and a gift pack of yummy looking biscuits for this Saturday but I was sure every time I thought about it I would still forget despite the reminders and end up sending one on email. Pleased to note on this occasion I did not!

So, back to the gifting, my brother got the biscuits but really you could choose all manner of things, give it a search and I’ll bet there’s something suitable. And I can confirm the florals are just gorgeous!

I had such a fab time at the party I’m sad it’s all over!

My Zoom set up for cocktail making!

First up we learned how to make 3 cocktails with Mix and Twist who had sent us one of their starter kits including the fruit, utensils and drinks we would need. I LOVED this and created three cocktails I will (and already have) make again. Mix and twist is a mobile cocktails bar and at the moment they are giving masterclasses on line which you can book privately or join in with their 500 member strong Saturday night class. A kit can be bought for them including everything you would need or you can download the shopping list for the week and bring your own!

I highly recommend the kit – no hassle, what a treat and I came away wanting to do it again immediately!

Next up was flower arranging with a Moonpig expert florist who had some great advice. Me being me and I had already mislaid my flower food from the day before so she gave me some tips for keeping my peopnies and roses alive for longer. Either sugar the water a little or change the water every day and wipe the stems and this should keep flowers looking good for longer. She also told me how to arrange my massive bunch (which I had to split into three different vases) in such a simple way yet super effectively. Divide the flowers into foliage, fillers and focus flowers then begin by cutting the leaves off so that they don’t come below the vase. next cross cross the foliage in to the vase and fill with the fillers and focus flowers. Seriously quick but amazing looking bouquets afterwards – mega impressed!

These flowers look so gorgeous!

And the next day I made the cocktails again – I know, what a lush! It was an important date for a friend of mine and we had planned to have a distanced gin in a tin in a field after a distanced bike ride together (I keep saying distanced but want to be clear, we were very sensible). So I asked Mix and Twist how I could recreate the cocktails to take with me in a jam jar (practical not pretentious – honest gov) to treat my friend. They advised leaving the garnishes off and taking them in a freezer bag along with some ice and to pop the jam jar cocktails in the freezer after making (and removing the ice used to make them). Great advise, they went a bit slushy like and were YUM!

Me getting ready for my jam jar bar cocktail date with a pal in a field the next day – oh and my gorge flowers too!
Perfect and cheers!
One more?! Oh… Go on then!

I actually felt like I’d been out to a party but then I guess if anyone would know how to treat a guest at a lockdown party it would be Moonpig. They’ve been sending remote cards and gifts and making people feel special for years and you know what, it doesn’t even cost any more than going out and buying gifts in shops to then post them. Frankly I can’t see why anyone would birthday treat their pals in any other way!

Download the Moonpig app here – It’s free to download, easy to use and extremely good quality on all products. Have a play around with it and see what you think.

Thanks Moonpig for a fab party!