Lockdown Diary Week Nine!

Lockdown Diary Week Nine!

Oh goodness me this week was week 9! 63 days of isolation, home, schooling, juggling, not going out other than to exercise, going out TO exercise – walk or ride our bikes, loving the garden and generally being slower. I don’t hate it. I don’t. In fact I hate the idea of it stopping too soon because I am fearful of another spike, a fact I know I might find easier to feel because we ARE having a good time together. I guess if you’re lonesome and finding this moment tricky then it would be much, much easier to be haopy about going back to normal. My fear is that it isn’t going to be normal and actuakly it will result in more cases. I just hope I’m wrong.

This last week was a push to get to the end of much like any week before a school holiday with the promise of rest just around the corner. We are now half way through the summer term and the rest next week will give from school. Work os needed by us all, the children and us teaching (winging it)!

We have done more of the same in the last week but unlike the week before which was blanketed in grey clouds and cooler temperatures at times this one has been glorious and sunny and felt like we were on holiday. We bought a 10ft pool for the garden to make it feel more like the Med (if you squint a bit and use your imagination it really does work)! And we just want to do more of the same, not that we could do anything else as I don’t want to go anywhere where there are masses of people, next week for the half term break!

Ooh get in, a week of not bothering. I’ll still do my Joe Wicks though – might let the kiddos off!

What to do while you wait for a massive 10ft paddling pool to fill up? You play cricket of course!
And help your tiny brother learn to ride a bike!
He’s not QUITE ale to hold this one up and ride at the same time but it won’t be long – think he will be really good at balance biking judging by his scooting!
Certainly wore himself out at any rate!
And still waiting for the pool by evening, we introduced Raffie to the delights of a Cornetto – another piece of knowledge about biting the chocolate end off first got passed down from brother to brother here too!
Lid on overnight to finish filling up the next morning!
Obviously more school work!
And a bit of wearing new clothes – Florence and I had a virtual shopping spree!
We fished while we waited even more time for the pool!
And finally the pool was ready!
SO much fun!
SO, SO much fun!
SO, SO, SO much fun!
I just love it! And most importantly so do they!
I think we can safely say this is £60 well spent!
With breaks for lunch in the sun – we could almost be on holiday!
By Wednesday the sun had come out sufficiently to get ME in the pool!
Think I had a more relaxing time than Jonny!
We all bloody loved it though!
These boys are just so happy to have Daddy at home!
Stopping really only for food!
The more pool action!
I always get Florence to do this pose on the side of a pool, why should our pool be any exception!
What a buzz!
The sun just makes everything fun!
Another day, another ice cream!
The big kids were off doing stuff and Jonny had a Zoom meeting so Raffie and I stole a moment!
And when Jonny came out the big kids went off to do Ukulele on Zoom while Raffie had a sleep!
So he and I pretended that we were on a couples retreat for half an hour!
Before they came back to splash us!
Which actually is infinitely more fun!
Basically the sunny days are all rolling into one but you can see differences in Florence’s many swimwear items!
Just lovely!
Love the pool,, I’ve said it before but I will say it again!
Ice cream!
Tea parties!
And other games!
Friday evening and I went for a socially distanced cocktail in a jam jar (practical not pretentious) with my friend in a field!
The bank holiday weekend began with a dip in temperature which was a shame for us pool loving folk but we put hoodies and jackets on and went for another walk – somehow never gets old in the countryside!
We hadn’t left the house for a few days as a family which was odd as all the other days we have but the sun and pool had been too enticing so it was a nice feeling to be back on the fields together!
Another family walk does call for another family photograph!
Or two!
The boys!
Getting on so well!
And then this particular walk wouldn’t be fun without a run in the long grass!
10 points for spotting Raffie bombing this picture of Jimmy!
He came out eventually!
So that he could get on his scooter!
And I had a column come out in the EDP!
Which I am very proud of!
I decorated the downstairs toilet on Sunday as it was colder weather again and I just needed to get this done! So pleased with it but it does need another coat of white on the walls so Jonny might have to finish it off tomorrow!
I did manage to get my boys twinning for the last day of the week and just look how gorge they are. Florence used to wear this big one and it was WAY too big for her which is why it still fits Jimmy now and Jimmy used to wear the one Raffie is wearing – so, another week is over and it’s into half term!