Little Village Sofa Forage – Supporting London Families At Risk!

Little Village Sofa Forage – Supporting London Families At Risk!

While we live through this incredibly challenging time it is worth remembering that though we live through the same time and all, very definitely, find hardship be it from missing family or struggling with schooling, we are not exactly all in the same boat – despite what old Queenie would have us believe. For some people their boat is not a luxury cruise liner but merely a piece of driftwood they cling onto hoping and praying that they don’t drown.

For a lot of people, in London especially, the driftwood cling is very real. This, our capital city, has not only been hard hit by the virus within its dense population but it also sees more vulnerable and at risk families struggling right now. Not just with missing their wider families, the sea air, being able to pop to the shops when they run out of milk or trying to figure out home schooling but really and truly struggling with the basics. Being able to afford the basics let alone get hold of them!

Some people are unable to afford TO buy their children milk let lone be able to pop to the shops to find it. And this is where those of us in slightly more sturdy boats can come in. Without having to do too much of anything other than be in our homes with a fun activity for the children as challenged by the charity Little Village!

Little Village is like a foodbank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of five. They want there to be no child in the London growing up without the essential items they need to thrive. During the pandemic, Little Village has seen a 66% rise in demand for its services and this is why have have come up with the #SofaForaging challenge!

All you have to do is get your kids and tell them to forage down the backs of the sofa for money! When the money has been found you declare the winner the one who has found the most and using the Just Giving Page linked here you donate the exact amount of the combined children’s efforts to the charity!

The kiddos have fun and you’re doing a good deed for friends who are clinging on and need a bit of a life belt!

£5 could buy a jumbo pack of nappies

£7 Can pay for a sanitary bundle for mums

£10 will pay for a baby bundle containing nappies, nappy cream, wet wipes, baby wash and shampoo

£15 could help Little Village with the cost of being able to send items to families they can’t otherwise reach

£20 could pay for a complete family bundle containing nappies, wipes, adult and child hygiene and sanitary products

£60 could pay for a day of e-cargo bike hire to enable the delivery of bundles

But really, whatever you can forage and find is helpful. Take part in the #SofaForage and spread some joy, both on your boat and in someone else’s!