It’s TrendHIM!

It’s TrendHIM!

I think choosing gifts for men is quite tricky at the best of times and I usually find myself wandering aimlessly around the shops in between Christmas and New Year (because my husband’s birthday is the 2nd of January) having exhausted all my limited ideas at Christmas then end up buying something which is more than a little bit rubbish.

Even before the lockdown buying Jonny presents was not my forte but right now… Well with shops shut, how can I wander aimlessly looking for ANYTHING, let alone the wrong thing! Of course his birthday isn’t until January though so what should I worry for? Except back IN January I’d said his birthday gets overlooked and I would buy him something in the summer, around my own birthday, so that he could actually get something he wants and likes.

Sounded good at the time!

Thank goodness then that there is a website called TRENDHIM, which is an international eCommerce brand in Denmark designing accessories for men. LOADS of choices and not so much wandering aimlesly at all but being pointed into the right direction!

Jonny is a trainee teacher who is just about to qualify despite these strange times and he has done very well because he has been offered a job in advance of his graduation. Starting in September he will be working as a fully qualified teacher at the school he is already training in this term – or would have been training in had the schools been open. On June the 1st he will actually be going in to do his bit much to my terror and he has said that as the season is summer he shall be riding his bike to work. Now what does a new teacher riding a bike need I wondered and I plumped for a backpack!

WOWEEE! I finally got it right! He absolutely LOVES his new Lance Navy Backpack by Lazy Bear from TRENDHIM and he has been styling it out while trying it for size on our daily lockdown family walks and his own practice bike rides before he starts school again!

It’s great and it was easy to find exactly what I wanted with no soul destroying hours spent not quite in the right place at the right time. The website is very helpful, easy to navigate, has free shipping with a spend over £29 and the delivery came very quickly!

Looking for gifting for men and I’d say absolutely check out TRENDHIM for man style accoutrements!

In collaboration with TRENDHIM.