5 Creative Upcycling Projects You Can Do with Old Baby Clothes

5 Creative Upcycling Projects You Can Do with Old Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are hard to let go of when you’re a doting parent. The memories that are filled with them can make any mom or dad emotional. As time goes by and the baby grows up, clothes keep piling up, and the room for storing clothes runs out. It is impractical to keep old things when your child inevitably outgrows them in a few years.

In this age of repurposing and DIY, there are plenty of ways to reuse baby clothes. If you have the skills for arts and crafts, you can even put up your creations for sale online by using safe and secure e-commerce platforms with competitive pricing. Setting up a shop is so easy that you can do everything in one day. If you’re curious about ideas on what to make of old clothes, here are five ideas.


Quilting old baby clothes may just be the go-to way to repurpose them. You can use several pieces of baby clothes in different colors and textures to make your quilt look interesting. This keepsake contains all the precious memories of your child’s early stages of life and provides warmth and comfort during chilly nights.

Another idea is to use patterned baby jammies to quilt cutout pillowcases. They’re environmentally friendly because they can be reused over and over. Additionally, all the quilted pieces can be handed down to children, who, in turn, can eventually share it to their future children as well.

Plush Alphabet

As the baby grows into a toddler, any parent will start giving their children easy lessons to learn. A great way for any child to learn faster is by doing brain-enhancing activities using various visual, audible, and sensory stimuli.

Take some time to create the alphabet out of different pieces of clothing from the pile of baby clothes. Some children have tactile memory, so they learn better if they can also touch the letters.

Reusable Snack Bags

Once your kid gets older and they start going to school, snack bags are essential in keeping their treats in one place. Make reusable snack bags out of their old baby clothes. There are insulation fabrics or thermal fabrics that can be used as well to keep warm or cold snacks the way they should be.

Christmas Stocking

Christmas is one of the big holidays that many kids look forward to. A great idea for upcycling old baby clothes is by turning some of them into cute Christmas stockings. This symbolic piece of decoration makes any child feel extraspecial on these joyous occasions. For families with multiple kids, it helps to mark the socks with their name on it so they can easily find their gifts and trinkets.

Baseball Caps

One great way to upcycle old baby clothing is by making them into baseball caps. Since small babies or toddlers grow so fast, making caps out of old clothing is a great way to save money. You will need to create bigger caps for babies nearing one year old, but the cuteness factor is through the roof!

Watching your child grow is a bittersweet moment for any parent. Keepsakes make for great conversation starters for your children when they get older, so making an effort to do these can help you and your child strengthen your bond in the future. And even if the parents can’t create new things with old baby clothes, recycling these and or giving these away to those in need is a great idea too.