The Rudimentary Guide to Drain Cleaning

The Rudimentary Guide to Drain Cleaning

Our modern societies are rife with technological marvels upon which our comfort, convenience and indeed our very lives depend. This impressive efficiency and functionality of our modern homes and workplaces often goes unnoticed, that is until one of the most important amenities upon which our lives depend suddenly goes on the blink.

Indoor plumbing is a subject that most people will never think about. That is, until the second the waste waters cease to flow as designed and life as they know it suddenly grinds to a halt. Then, panic ensues.

But it does not have to be this way. A little attention and appreciation for the marvel of indoor plumbing can remove the serious roadblocks when drainage issues occur unexpectedly. Of course, as long as wastewater is flowing through your pipes, you can expect a blockage to happen sometime – but this can be postponed indefinitely.

The responsibility of keeping a plumbing system in working order is on the shoulders of the homeowners as much as the plumbing professionals who will address the crisis. To this end, here is a simple guide to keeping your home’s drains clean and clear.

Avoiding Clogs

As mentioned, clogs cannot be avoided entirely. But, by understanding how clogs are formed you will be better able to avoid their build up.

Most drain clogs include these constituents:


–Oils and Grease

–Scaly mineral Deposits

–Dead Skin Cells and Soap Scum

–Other debris including chicken bones, food products, paper, pieces of jewelry, plastic toys, and everything else you can think of.

The first step to clean clear drains is a plan to protect your drainage systems from these obstructions. This includes simple habits like paying close attention to what goes down the drain. But, some of those obstructions are unavoidable. Again, paying close attention can avoid a serious problem with backed up wastewater.

Be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs that drains and pipes are clogged or almost clogged:

–Water that does not flow smoothly down the sinks

–foul odors from sewers and pipes

–Stubborn wastes that Overflow in the toilets

–Pools of stagnant water forming around the home

If you notice this type of problem, don’t delay. This is where the attention and experience of a professional drain cleaning service is indispensable to keeping your pipes and drains clean and clear.

You Need Regular Drain Maintenance

Depending on the size of the population using your amenities and the conditions and specifics of your drainage system, your need for regular drain maintenance will range from once to a few times a year. Regular maintenance will ensure that your drains are:


–Healthy to those living nearby



What is Drain Maintenance?

Drain cleaning is a service offered by many plumbing professionals and can addresses the common causes of clogs and build ups of debris in the pipes. Pipes that serve the needs of a larger population or located in densely populated districts are always more prone to these issues. If allowed to reach the point of overflow and backed up water, unclean drains can cause health hazards and extensive property damage.

Clogged drain lines carry larger amount of wastewater than they are designed to carry and this can present small problems that can lead to a damaged drainage system. Clogged drain lines can spring leaks in various locations, and this can lead to moisture and damages that it can cause – not to mention the levels of contamination.

In the best-case scenario, a drain cleaning will be nothing more than pulling hair from the catcher and cleaning pipes and rains with a simple chemical cleanser – baking soda and vinegar is a low cost and highly-effective drain cleaner. These techniques can be carried out by anyone and go a long way in keeping your pipes and drains free from clogs.

If a drainage system has not been carefully maintained and regularly cleaned, the situation calls for a professional diagnosis. Plumbers are equipped with a wide array of tools and cleaning agents that can be applied to drains that are not flowing smoothly.

The regular drain cleaning is not a complex or difficult task. Still, it is often overlooked by time-pressed property occupants. If not performed regularly, the task of drain cleaning can become more complex and possibly very costly.

Once clogs have been allowed to form into impassable barriers the situation can call for a more aggressive approach. You can still count on your professional plumbers to provide a solution, but extracting bones, rocks and metal objects from a pipe can be difficult. If the drainage system has become damaged, places may need to be replaced and reconstructed. 

In the end, regular drain cleaning and maintenance can keep your drainage system in top conditions and avoid the need for costly drain clearing and repair work. You can also visit this website for drainage services.