5 Fantastic Facts About Female Fertility

5 Fantastic Facts About Female Fertility

Looking to raise a baby is a wonderful moment in a lot of people’s lives. If you’ve been looking to raise children with your partner, or even as a single parent, there are some great facts to know about female fertility. Here are 5 really exciting facts from this fertility clinic in London.

1. 80 – 90% of couples fall pregnant within 12 months

The NHS has provided research that shows the vast majority of couples will fall pregnant within a year of trying to conceive. Great news for those looking to build their family in as quick of a timeframe as they can.

2. A woman is born with all the eggs she will have

This means that most women have between 6 – 7 million eggs prior to being born. Over time this of course reduces; when a woman reaches puberty the amount of eggs they have significantly reduces. This continues through their life when having a regular period, and also means that when they reach past 30 it will decline further.

3. Exercise can improve fertility

Exercise, in general, can greatly improve a woman’s chances of conception, if handled correctly. Following the NHS guidelines of how much exercise you should do each week is enough to have a good fertility cycle.

4. Women are fertile each month for around 6 days

It takes 5 days to lead up to ovulation of the egg, then an additional day for ovulation. This means that the woman’s ability to conceive will end on the final day in the month. It’s therefore important to know when your monthly cycle is as accurately as possible in order to time conception at the right time and increase your chances of conceiving.

5. A healthy diet, a healthy mind, a healthy lifestyle

It may seem like a no-brainer, but lots of people can still conceive with or without following a healthy lifestyle to the letter. However, eating healthily with a range of fruits, vegetables and not too many sugars, salts or fats, can greatly improve your fertility chances. In turn, you’re also doing a good deed for yourself by having a healthier mindset and better improvements in your overall health.

For those looking forward to bringing a child into your world, there are many great things about the process that can make your journey more magical. If there are further concerns you can always talk to your GP about the best ways to conceive and follow official medical guidance.