5 Hair Care Tips For Busy Mums

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5 Hair Care Tips For Busy Mums

Mums don’t always have lots of time to spare, when you’re rushed off your feet, you’ll be keen to save time in any way that you can. Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours on the perfect hair-care regime, there are plenty of time-saving tips that you can use alongside taking a supplement to make your hair as healthy as possible. Check out this Kintsugi Hair KeraNew review of supplements to get you started on your easy hair care routine. And try these:

1 . Hair oil before bed

Are you keen to wake up with gorgeous and shiny hair? To save time on your morning regime, hair oil is the way forward. Leaving the oil in your hair overnight means you’ll get a deep conditioning treatment as you sleep. There are plenty of different types of hair oil to choose from including coconut oil, almond, or argan. Regularly applying oil to your hair has plenty of benefits, including improved shine, moisture, and hair loss prevention. Just as hair oils can transform your locks overnight, serums offer an equally potent solution for enhancing hair health and appearance. While oils tend to focus on moisturizing and nourishing the hair shaft, serums are more targeted treatments that can address specific concerns such as frizz, damage, or thinning hair. Still, when picked wrong, serums can damage hair as well, Thus it’s crucial to opt for quality formulations that are suited to your specific hair needs. Products, such as Luxe hair growth serum are crafted with a blend of essential nutrients and innovative compounds designed to invigorate and support healthy hair growth. Overall, choosing high-quality oils and serums not only provide the necessary nourishment but also work to reinforce the hair from root to tip, ensuring that your hair not only looks lustrous and full but is also genuinely healthier and stronger.

2. Braid your hair at night

Braiding your hair before you go to bed can help you to save time in the morning. Simply untie the braids and you’ll have an effortless wavy style. Just add a touch of hair spray and you’re good to go. If your hair is already wavy or curly, braiding your hair at night can also be a great option. The braids will stop your hair from becoming tangled, making your morning routine that little bit easier.

3. Products for coloured hair

Coloured hair can be pretty high-maintenance, you might need regular touch-ups, or multiple conditioning products. To help you look after your coloured hair, 

brands like Joico could have what you’re looking for. Jocio has plenty of quality hair products, to help nourish dyed hair. When you find the right hair-care brands, you’ll take the stress out of your hair-care regime.

4. DIY natural hair-masks

There are plenty of hair-care masks you can make yourself, with the help of natural ingredients. To improve your beauty regime today, try making a few of these hair masks:

Banana & Avocado

Bananas are a fantastic hair-care ingredient, full of potassium and natural oils. Applying bananas to your hair will help you to avoid split ends, and keep your hair soft. Mash up one banana then add half an avocado into the mix, avocados are packed with antioxidants, which can protect your hair from free radicals.

Honey & Coconut Oil

If you’re keen to make a nourishing hair mask, you can’t go wrong with coconut oil and honey. When you apply honey to the hair it works by strengthening the hair follicles and preventing damage to the hair. Coconut oil is another superb ingredient for hair care, it’s one of the best ways to avoid those pesky split ends. Most of these ingredients can also help you to create a natural skin care regime.

5. Keep it simple 

To save time on your hair-care regime, the key is to keep things as simple as possible. Choose a haircut that’s not too high-maintenance. Pick one or two products that you love and stick to those. Remember you don’t need to spend loads of money on hair products to get beautiful hair.

Using these five easy tips you’ll soon improve your hair-care regime for 2022. Planning out your key steps will help you to save time, and get the luscious hair that you deserve.


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