Natura Siberica Skin Care!

I have to admit that I love to treat myself with cosmetics and skin care products. I’m probably a bit of an addict and although my purchases are not as frequent as they were pre-children I do like to still splash out when I can. There are some brands and products that I have used for years and I try to keep my buying to those because I figure the less I try will be the less I will want or need… But… now and again a new product from a new brand does seem to slip into my life…

Natura Siberica are one such brand and after trying 5 of their top organic skin care products I am sure they will now be going into my ‘buy regularly’ bag… The bag is ever increasing but hey, yo only live once eh? And when you find smething which works well for your skin then why not?

Their natural & organic beauty products made with unique ingredients sourced from the unspoilt lands of Siberia and you can find out more about their story on the website but esentially natural plants and wild harvests of herbs create the products which are gentle and yet effective. I’ve been using the skin care for a week now, has made a real difference to the look and feel of my skin. These are the products I’ve been testing.

Extra-Firming Facial Mask – £4.70

Extra-Firming Night Facial Mask – £4.70

Royal Caviar Icy Firming Eye Cream – £15.10

Royal Caviar Extra-Lifting Face Cream – £15.10

Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing – £10.80

My selection of Natura Siberica skin care products!
My selection of Natura Siberica skin care products!

I’m quite skeptical about using soaps on my face ever since I was about 16 and using the three step system from Clinique. It’s worth noting that today I still use the Clinique Clarifying lotion on a daily basis but the soap and moisturiser from the trip were definitely not for me. They were astringent and seemed to strip my skin leaving it dry and full of sore patches. Clinique products are usually gentle so the fact the soap made my skin feel tight and painful made me assume that soap on the face is just a no go in general, even when from a gentle brand and specifically designed for the face. I was a little bit worried about using the soap from Natua Siberica because of this but it’s actually turned out to be my favourite product from the five. It smells gorgeous and comes in a pot with a sponge. Wet the sponge, run it around the soap and then apply to the face before rinsing and it’s left my skin feeling soft and smooth as well as totally clean.

It's not drying in the slightest and I love how it comes in a pot so there's no slimy soap to leave on the side!
It’s not drying in the slightest and I love how it comes in a pot so there’s no slimy soap to leave on the side!

The face serum and eye cream both from the Royal Caviar range are lovely and really moisturise the skin pre-makeup. Ihave found with the serum, which comes out a bit of a startling black but leaves no trace of colour on the skin, that you only need a tiny dot as a little goes a long way. It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy as some can do and is a total dream as a primer for my tinted moisturiser although as it’s now winter I am still adding misturiser on top. I always, always, always add a pea of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream to whichever moisturiser I am using by the way. It’s perfect for winter skin but I use it all year round. The Natura Siberica eye cream is certainly moisturising although I didn’t notice any visible firming but hey, I will check on it in a few week’s and let you know if a difference has been made.

The other two products that I’ve been using are both face masks from the Extra-Firming range to be used a couple of times a week. I usually use a peel off face mask and rarely anything which you leave on the skin over night such as with this one but I think I am going to stick with them as they definitely do something to my skin. There’s been no dramatic results but my skin feels super soft and when I asked my Mum to feel my cheeks yesterday she said that she could feel just how much. I like the products very much and will continue to use them as they definitely work for my skin which can be quite sensitive and I adore the smell of them. Now, I am off to look at the rest of the range on their website including their products for kids and hair as judging by what I’ve already tried I imagine they’re pretty good too!

The day face mask which goes on like a moisturiser and is washed off fifteen minutes later!
The day face mask which goes on like a moisturiser and is washed off fifteen minutes later!

What are your staple skin care brands and products and have you tried anything new like me recently?

I was sent the Natura Siberica products for the purpose of an honest review.